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Jan 5, 2006 09:53 AM

La Barbera Pizza?

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You'd probably have to be a long time local but does anyone remember La Barbera's Pizza on Wilshire in W.L.A.? What happened? What do you think closest resembles that luscious fondue like molten cheese drenched pie? Thanks.

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  1. "You'd probably have to be a long time local but does anyone remember La Barbera's Pizza on Wilshire in W.L.A.? What happened?"

    Please focus on pizza rec's that you like, or think might be like that found at La Barbera's (if you were ever there). Nostalagia posts/discussion of La Barbera's or speculating on what happened to La Barbera's is off topic for the LA Message board and will be removed.

    Thanks for everyone's cooperation.

    1. Long time gone, early 80s. Sadly, the next-best-thing pizza (Regular John's over on San Vicente) is also long gone as well. I have yet to find a pizza that comes remotely close to La Barbera's cheesy perfect-crust delight on the westside. Lamonica's in Westwood is *close*, as is DaVida's on Wilshire between Barrington and Bundy. However imho, the former champ reigned supreme.

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        I was afraid of that but I'll try the two you mentioned particularly since their in the neighborhood. Thanks.

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          Das Ubergeek

          Forgive the spelling flame here, but it's really easy to miss... it's "DiVita's" and it's directly across the Wilshire from that ghastly modern shopping block with the Macintosh store and the Jamba Juice and (I think) a Noah's Bagels.

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            I live in the area and Lamonica's hands down, I have them on speed dialed on my cell and home number. They boost that their dough is made in NY. I had a pie with pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, olives and garlic last night with the game and washed it down with a Canadian lager. Tried Davitas and was let down. La Barbara's was owned by family friends and the father, which was getting along in years, saw that the son's didn't want to take over and closed it.

          2. Aaaahhh, La Barbera's! I haven't thought of that place in ages! It was some of the most unusual pizza I have ever tasted. The crust was kind of weak, but they sure piled on the cheese! I have not had anything that tasted remotely close in L.A. I would definitely like to know if there is a close facsimile. While a few posters mentioned DiVita's and Lamonica's, which are both very good, they are very different kinds of pies.

            1. A friend of mine and I were just remembering that wonderful restaurant La Barbera's on Wilshire Blvd. just west of Barrington in West Los Angeles. We both frequented it often because it was sooo good! It was family owned and there has been no other restaurant like it that I have run across since.