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Mar 8, 2011 01:49 PM

Michelin-starred chefs delegation in Montreal / Le Piment Rouge

Le Piment Rouge has a group of Michelin-starred chefs from various countries doing a culinary exchange with them, including Jacques Borie (Michelin three-stars and Iron Chef Japan). They posted info on their facebook page at

Does anyone know more about this? Are there tasting events that will be open to the public? And are they visiting other restaurants in Montreal or just Piment Rouge?

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  1. Was at Europea and of course recognized Jacques Borie from old Iron Chef episodes. I think he was on Iron Chef America too, not just Japan. Had a chance to speak to some of the Michelin chefs as they mingled in the dining room. They are here to help promote Quebec farm products (maple syrup, vinegars, etc.) internationally and were brought here by the Quebec government to work with a few local hotel schools and top restaurants. They are spending the week in Montreal and Quebec City and have visited many restaurants. Borie said that he is very impressed with our local food scene, and pointed out that several of our restaurants (Europea, Le Piment Rouge and L’Initiale) would rank very high on the Michelin star judging criteria! He said Europea would be a top ranked restaurant even in France. The German and Japanese chefs were especially wowed by Le Piment Rouge because they said that there are no Chinese restaurants anywhere near this level of finesse in Europe or Japan and that their Bordeaux wine collection is larger than most of the very famous Michelin starred French restaurants in their home countries.