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Mar 8, 2011 01:43 PM

Knoxville area - looking for Chicago type food.....

KNOXVILLE area - retired here a couple of years ago. I'm from Chicago and would love to find any of the following: Hot Dog (chicago style), Italian Beef Sandwich on French bread, Maxwell Street Polish, gyro sandwiches, SMOKED Fish (Chubs), Chicago style Pizza with Italian Sausage.

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  1. I know you loved Chicago...but the reality are in East Tennessee. That means hog trough buffets, BBQ and the house wine of the south.... aka. SWEET TEA. Best wishes in your new southern dining adventures.

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    1. re: Brawny

      I know I'm in East Tennessee and I do like the food here. However, I miss certain foods as I mentioned above and would love to find some of them here so when I get the urge I can pig-out Chicago Style. Just looking for some help from anyone who can direct me to a restaurant, pizza place, hot dog stand etc. that has Chicago style eats.

    2. Cecilla,

      Not sure if this will help, but there WAS a mini-chain hotdog shop in Gatlinburg, TN, called Lum's. We still utilize some of their concoctions for our dogs in Phoenix, AZ. How close to Chicago, they might be, I cannot say, as we have only done restaurants, like Tru, and Charlie Trotters in Chicago. Still, the dogs at Lum's were great, but I have no clue if they are still around.

      Good luck, and please let me know if Lum's is still around and any good - they once were.


      PS - though we have not lived in New Orleans in over 30 years, we still crave some NOLA cuisine. Fortunately, we DO travel back to NOLA often, and also have family there, so I receive "care packages" that are shipped counter-to-counter, with seafood, some specific condiments, and the like. While we do embrace the cuisine of our location, we do get "food homesick" from time to time.

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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Lum's closed.....years ago!! Entire chain defunct.

        1. re: Brawny

          There is Stefano's Pizza on Cumberland Avenue down near the University of Tennessee. They call themselves Chicago style and while not totally authentic the crust is pretty thick and very tasty. Also, there is Harby's Pizza way out Broadway in Fountain City. The owners are Palestinian and have no claim to Chicago, but the pizza kind of reminds me of Chicago style due to the toppings being so thick and extremely generous. In addition, if you don't mind heading a bit out of town, not too far south of the airport in Maryville, there is a Pizzeria Uno, now a chain, which claims to be home of the original Chicago deep dish pizza. It is off Lamar Alexander Parkway near Kroger and Target. I have not eaten at this particular location but ate at one in New York once and thought the pizza was very good.

          Stefano's Chicago Style Pizza
          1937 Cumberland Avenue
          Knoxville, TN 37916

          Harby's Pizza and Deli
          3718 Walker Blvd.
          Knoxville, TN 37917

          Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar and Grill
          743 Watkins Rd.
          Maryville, TN 37801

          1. re: Khotso98

            Thanks for the info - I will try out the two in Knoxville next time I'm there, I live in Maryville and the Pizzeria Uno closed up last year but I bet that would have been very good.

            1. re: cecilia moore

              That is too bad. When we were last at Blackberry Farm, one of the chefs had recommended it, plus the sushi place not far away.

              Due to the number of Japanese workers in Maryville, he stated that the sushi place had brought in a world-class sushi chef, just for that trade, and he likened it "the best he'd had in Tokyo."

              Guess that things just change.

              Thanks for the update,


              Blackberry Farm
              1471 W Millers Cove Rd, Walland, TN

              1. re: cecilia moore

                Pizzeria Uno closed for a very good WAS NOT that good. Bad restaurants don't exist here and that is a good thing.

            2. re: Brawny

              Thank you for that clarification. I suspected such, as searches only turned up nostalgia, regarding the chain.



          2. Ok, well, I was just down at the University of Tennessee and spotted another possibility. It is called Niro's Gyros, Chicago Style Food. I have not eaten there but their website indicates that they have Gyros, Chicago hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish, Italian sausage sandwiches, Italian beef sandwiches, meatballs subs, roast beef subs, Greek salads, chili cheese fries, chicken, burgers, baklava, and more. It is on 17th Street not too far from Stefano's Chicago Style Pizza and sounds like it it could be right up your alley.

            Niro's Gyros
            Chicago Style Eatery, Subs and Deli
            711 17th Street
            Knoxville, TN 37916

            1. Yet another choice, if you don't mind venturing to Anderson County...

              Annie's Taste of Chicago
              305 Oak Ridge Tpke
              Oak Ridge, TN 37830
              865-272-3186 ‎

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              1. re: Khotso98

                Do you know if they're still in business? I've tried their phone number all day and only get voice mail.

                1. re: Khotso98

                  You make Anderson County sound like...."I hear banjo music....paddle faster". Annie's Taste is another destination. Been there....too many other choices on the venue.

                  1. re: Brawny

                    Hi Brawny - I'm not really sure if I understand you but are you saying there are many other choices of Chicago Style food in Anderson County? If so, I'd love to know their names and locations so I can check them out.

                2. I'm not sure if this is helpful but if you are ever in the Johnson City area try Red Hots for Chicago style food. They serve Gyros, Italian Beef Sandwiches, and Vienna Beef dogs-all very good. Also, try Little Chicago Pizza in Gray-traditional deep dish pies. There is some fascination with Chicago here in JC. Perhaps it is due to the lore surround Al Capone's supposed residence here in the city.