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Lukshon - Perceptor's Photo Report

It feels like ages since I last posted on chowhound..... it definitely feels great to start posting again...

Sang Yoon.... the man that made burger and beer more than just your typical bar experience has finally opened a restaurant that's not called Father's Office.... Lukshon, located just steps from Father's Office Culver City in the Helms bakery complex, is his take on a no borderline flavors from all over south east asia... the space is absolutely gorgeous with its mainly white colors and glass communal table... best seat in the house is definitely those 6 counter seats overlooking the kitchen...

the menu itself is definitely unique... dishes or combination of ingredients on this menu is definitely nothing LA has seen before... everything we had that night was fantastic and if you force me to name the highlights then i would say the foie gras ganache, duck popiah, spicy chicken pops and lamb sausage roti...

Here is my photo coverage:

3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

- Perceptor

3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

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  1. Unfair. With photography that good, everything looks better.

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        Mouth-watering photos! Are you using a cell phone camera? I'm not trying to start a conversation about photography, but I really want to be able to take pics like that when I eat out!

        1. re: rmb123

          rmb123.... i bring my big camera (canon 40D) out with me when i go eat... but nowadays there are very very good camera options that are very small in package...

      2. Welocme back...you were missed.

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        1. Went solo last week and had the duck popiah which was fatty, delicious with a lite tang from some sort of acid I couldn't place. Really good. And the Dandan with pork belly. Went to Yun chuan the next day and the Sang Yoon version was spicier than what we got their, noodles better cooked. A nice white wine and I was out for 40ish after tip.

          I thought it was a very good value and prolly a better one with a big group and more sharing. Very happy to have food like this on the westside.

          1. I was just thinking the other day, where has perceptor been?

            Good to see you back and I agree with cls, your photos have been known to make a place look better than it really is.

            Sang owes you for very effective advertising.

            1. though I love foie gras, it can be ridiculously filling sometimes. nevertheless, i will return to Lukshon for that foie gras ganache. It must be done. Thank you for the photos!

              3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

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                tablefor1.. yeah that foie ganache really is a good party in your mouth

              2. No noodles? I really loved the curry noodles and the dan dan mein.

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                1. re: Ciao Bob

                  i had to draw the line somewhere when it is only my wife and I... my stomach would've bursted... i will save it for next time

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    Since my jokey observation about the lack of noodle kugel was yanked, let's attack this from another angle. http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/food/...

                    Does the name of the restaurant specifically refer to noodles or is it some modern interpretation of something far less grounded?

                    Mr Taster

                    1. re: Mr Taster

                      My Yiddish upbringing has had me wondering the same thing ever since the restaurant name was unveiled.

                      1. re: avivale

                        I recall reading somewhere he had a jewish 'grandmother' type figure who was important in his upbringing and this is his way or honoring her

                      2. re: Mr Taster

                        Boy, am I slow on the uptake. I get it now. LOL!

                      1. While there was no item worthy of being a must-have, I must say that I was somewhat underwhelmed by those Chicken pops that everyone else seems to be raving about.
                        But there was nothing on the menu that I would not eat again, either.
                        The wine list is very good, and if you want to surprise a wino guest, order the red wine from the Canary Islands - guarantee they have never had one from there, and it was reallllllly good.
                        Best of all - the place is Stunning, and the staff is exemplary.
                        If you don't like the place, I will pay the bill.

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                        1. re: carter

                          Two (2) menu items that are must-haves
                          are the Pork Ribs and the Sausage stuffed Squid.

                        2. The short ribs look very interesting, as does that Lukshon sour. Elegant space.

                          3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034