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Mar 8, 2011 11:36 AM

Eatbar - Any good?

Hey All,

Just saw that Eatbar is putting Red Apron charcuterie on their charcuterie list. I like Red Apron... is the rest of the food/wine there any good?

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  1. Ive had snacks/small plates there a few times and all I have to say is "meh". Not bad, not great, nothing special. I do like having a few drinks though and migrating elsewhere for better food.

    1. FWIW, there's something about their sliders that I LOVE, onion marmalade maybe? I've always been pleased by the food selection + innovative drinks. Thumbs up from me.

      1. Hit and miss on one visit. An outstanding fricassee of mushrooms, but another couple of items were disappointing.

        1. They have a really nice wine list. And you can get different size pours as I remember. I agree that the food is a little inconsistent. I love their burger. But since I had to start to eat mostly gluten free I don't go as frequently as I used to. I had some mussels there last time and those were ok, but not as good as brasserie beck mussels. I like their boardwalk fries.

          1. Good atmosphere with decent, but not great, food. Great for a bite with a glass of wine/beer, but definitely not a "foodie" experience.

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              Maybe all of you know this, and that it would thus go without saying, but Red Apron and EatBar both operate under the umbrella of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

              1. re: SoxFan1

                I actually did not look that far into it, but good to know.