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Mar 8, 2011 10:53 AM

Wallis Seafood Market in Barrington....

New to the area...noticed Wallis Seafood on Maple Avenue...Has anyone been?

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  1. I have not been there in over a year now. Seafood was fresh but limited. A good place is Tony's on route 6 in Seekonk or Nick's in Bristol. Those are the the two I frequent most of the time. I also shop in New Bedford.

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    1. re: chefjohn

      As long as the fish is fresh will save me a trip to Providence :) Thanks Chefjohn!

      1. re: elle bee

        i'm surprised to hear that given that i live in providence and am constantly frustrated at the glaring lack of seafood markets in the city proper.

      2. re: chefjohn

        Chefjohn, I haven't tried Tony's even though I drive by it all the time, whats their quality/selection?

        1. re: schoenfelderp

          I normally pick up haddock, scollop's, wild shrimp, oysters, crabs. They also have other shellfish and fish. They also carry some prepared heat and eat items but I have never tried them. I shop there a couple times a month along with a couple other fish markets I shop at.

      3. Oh yes, Wallis is a great resource. Small, not much selection, but good and cheap. He makes his own frozen fish stock, always has a plentiful supply of local littlenecks...check it out.

        1. I find Wallis good for lobster and littlenecks. Fish is limited, but what he has is usually fresh.

          If you're new to the area I would also suggest Persimmon Provisions for all your meat needs. They have been extremely helpful and the quality of meat is great.