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Mar 8, 2011 09:06 AM

Matt's in the Market - had a terrific lunch

Thanks to eight inch pestle, we had a lovely lunch here yesterday. With the block undergoing major earthquake retrofitting, we weren't sure if it would be open but it was. We didn't have reservations and it's a small space (probably temporarily smaller now with the work being done) so we gladly took seating at the bar. The bartender, Robbie, was very engaging and knew the menu well. We shared one of their specials which was steamed Manila clams in shell, with pancetta and small cubes of fingerling potatoes, fresh herbs and some cream. It was the best prep we've ever had and something I want to try to duplicate at home. Every flavor was perfect. We also shared a salad of baby arugula with Dungeness crab, avocado, mixed citrus, Marcona almond and a slightly citrusy dressing. There was enough crab that even sharing it we didn't feel like it was skimpy. Bob had a glass of rose' and I had one of a sparkling French rose'. And some slices of bread for dunking in the broth from the clams :) The bartender commented that when people clean their plates as well as we did, they don't even bother putting them in the DW. This place definitely has the feel of a locals hidden jewel. If you don't know it's there (upstairs and across the street from Pike Place Market), you'd not stumble upon it. I recommend this place highly and SO glad to have had the rec. BTW, lunch with wine was $43 before tax and tip.

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  1. c oliver; Great review.

    Matt is a friend of another restauranteur in Ballard, whose big night of the year is tonight (hint: place is called "Le Bon Ton Roule"; he may still be there). You DO have over 3 hours until Lent. Can you drawl "Hurricane" or "One more absinthe, Shere?"

    How did you like Paseo's Midnight Cuban?

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      The three of us shared the Midnight Cuban for lunch at home today. GREAT. Along with leftover salmon and avocado. Oh, yeah, and a little steak.

      Do NOT even talk to me about more food tonight. We had dinner at Staple and Fancy Mercantile, the chef's menu. I'll post about it once I recover but I'm certainly not wanting any more food. Leaving in the morning for So. Oregon and then on home to Lake Tahoe. Thanks to the SEA CHs, every meal out has been terrific. And dinner in with daughter fixing Thai last night equally great..

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        c oliver: A Midnight Cuban for 3? In my family, there would be blood... ;)

        You come back now, y'hear?

    2. So glad you enjoyed, c oliver!

      Yeah, I almost never eat clams anywhere but home, but the ones at Matt's are a real treat.

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      1. re: eight_inch_pestle

        We're now in Grants Pass, OR, for a couple of nights staying with a friend. Just finished telling her about our lunch. It was so good. Thanks again, eip.

      2. We really enjoyed an early dinner at Matt's small bar. It was the first night for a new menu. We arrived 5:00, a bit to early for the dinner service. So we started with an item for the bar menu - a wedge of runny cheese with chestnut honey. From the dinner menu:
        Matt's meat plate: housemade pate, foie gras terrine, shiso-wrapped meatballs, head-cheese (Matt's has fancier names for all these meats...) Servings were generous for the two of us. Delicious and fun.
        Frisee salad with bacon, poached egg, white beans, brioche croutons. (I had them hold the croutons, as I am gluten-free.) Very nice, balanced flavors.
        "Duck and donuts" The duck was perfectly cooked with a lovely crisp skin.
        Our bartender was patient and helpful with my endless questions. All of the staff are very nice.