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Mar 8, 2011 08:52 AM

Glatt kosher restaurants in Forest Hills, Rego Park and Kew Garden Hills, NY

I posted this on the Outer Boroughs board and it was suggested by someone there that I post it here as well. An Orthodox client from out of the country wants to take a colleague, my colleague's wife and me out to dinner this Thursday evening, somewhere in the local area. There will be 6 people altogether. I know there are restaurants on Queens Boulevard and on 108th Street, but have never eaten in any of them and don't know which are Glatt kosher and have decent food. I haven't been given any guidance as to type of food or price range, so I can't include that info here. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I'd go with Hapisgah (Israeli steak house) on Union Tpke near Main st.

    not cheap, but you can't go wrong. Reservations recommended.

    1. chosen garden on 108th street in forest hills,718-275-1300

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        Absolutely unremarkable American-style Chinese food, IMO.

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          I would recommend Hapisgah steakhouse for this type of dinner.
          It is located in Kew garden hills on Union Turpike.

      2. Hapisgah is great. Additional recommendations include Sushi Metsuyan on Main St in Kew Gardens Hills. They have great sushi and terrific steaks. The decor is nice, but the tables are very close together and it can get loud.

        A great dairy place is also on Main St. La Bella Italian. They have fantastic fish, pizza and pastas. The tables are spread out more and the place is a little quieter. They have a sushi menu as well.

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          Sushi Metsuyan is excellent, even if it does get a little bit loud. I think they have a $35 minimum per person for parties of 6 or more.

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            went to La Bella this past Sunday night. Excellent! the fish , the rotellini mastebella (sp?) all great