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Mar 8, 2011 06:36 AM

Looking for a Burger / Beer joint -NOT chain. (north)

Looking for a good burger / beer place in brooklyn park , brooklyn center, fridley, crystal, new hope, area have run out of ideas, not many left, again not a chain, any recs. are most welcome..... thanks.

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  1. Both V-44 and Travail have great burgers and good beer selections. Other than that, the burgers I've had in the area are pretty mundane.

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    1. re: kevin47

      Good choices, but both only have a single burger. But they do have half price beers (tap selection of 4-5) all day Wednesdays.

      I also suffer in the northern suburban wasteland, albeit on the NE side.

    2. I had a good burger at Malone's in Maple Grove the other day. It's in the former Timber Lodge spot. It's owned by the same people as Maynards, so not sure if you consider this a chain or not. But it was a good burger, perfectly done, on a grilled onion bun.

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        Thanks for the recs so far, yes have had V-44 and Travail both have great b/b but I just keep looking for more places, I hope some one points a hidden gem in this food dead zone......yes more recs please, how about if I add on Robbinsdale, Blaine, Champlin, .......Busters please open Busters North in this burger void area. ( wishful thinking )

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          If they're the same as the grilled one's they have at Maynard's, you're right, they are pretty tasty. Could be the ambience of sitting lakeside with a cold one though....

        2. Just a neighborhood joint in NE Mpls, but the North East Yacht Club makes one tasty burger, same corneer as Elsie's, on Marshall just south of Broadway.

          1. Have you tried the Lookout Bar & Grill in Maple Grove? They have a full line up of eight 1/2 lb. burgers.


            Lookout Bar & Grill
            8672 Pineview Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

            1. Well if you include Blaine, then you could include Biff's in the mix. It's a giant bar and does decent burgers. It's probably an average to above-average burger joint. I don't know if they still have it on the menu, but they had one with ham called the Minnesota Fats. Delicious medium-rare.

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              1. re: GutGrease

                Biff's is new to me, thanks GutGrease and thanks to all for the recs and please keep the recs coming, its great to find a good b/b spot.....thanks again