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Looking for a Burger / Beer joint -NOT chain. (north)

Looking for a good burger / beer place in brooklyn park , brooklyn center, fridley, crystal, new hope, area have run out of ideas, not many left, again not a chain, any recs. are most welcome..... thanks.

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  1. Both V-44 and Travail have great burgers and good beer selections. Other than that, the burgers I've had in the area are pretty mundane.

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      Good choices, but both only have a single burger. But they do have half price beers (tap selection of 4-5) all day Wednesdays.

      I also suffer in the northern suburban wasteland, albeit on the NE side.

    2. I had a good burger at Malone's in Maple Grove the other day. It's in the former Timber Lodge spot. It's owned by the same people as Maynards, so not sure if you consider this a chain or not. But it was a good burger, perfectly done, on a grilled onion bun.

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        Thanks for the recs so far, yes have had V-44 and Travail both have great b/b but I just keep looking for more places, I hope some one points a hidden gem in this food dead zone......yes more recs please, how about if I add on Robbinsdale, Blaine, Champlin, .......Busters please open Busters North in this burger void area. ( wishful thinking )

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          If they're the same as the grilled one's they have at Maynard's, you're right, they are pretty tasty. Could be the ambience of sitting lakeside with a cold one though....

        2. Just a neighborhood joint in NE Mpls, but the North East Yacht Club makes one tasty burger, same corneer as Elsie's, on Marshall just south of Broadway.

          1. Have you tried the Lookout Bar & Grill in Maple Grove? They have a full line up of eight 1/2 lb. burgers.


            Lookout Bar & Grill
            8672 Pineview Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

            1. Well if you include Blaine, then you could include Biff's in the mix. It's a giant bar and does decent burgers. It's probably an average to above-average burger joint. I don't know if they still have it on the menu, but they had one with ham called the Minnesota Fats. Delicious medium-rare.

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                Biff's is new to me, thanks GutGrease and thanks to all for the recs and please keep the recs coming, its great to find a good b/b spot.....thanks again

              2. Sunshine Factory isn't too bad for burgers, esp. if you go for the "after 9pm" special. 1/2 lb. with fixings and chips for I think $3.50.

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                  i agree on the Factory....they are the same or similar to Maynards/Malones. There is some sort of ownership connection there.

                2. Girvan Grille in Edinburgh USA Golf Club, Brooklyn Park .. never been there myself but they do have about 5 burgers on their menu

                  Pickle Park in Fridley .. Never had their burger, but I saw they have one dedicated section for their angus burger on the menu .. personally I think the food there is just ok. I think it's mainly for the live music.

                  Wagner's Drive In North in Brooklyn Park .. well it's a drive in, so i guess it's just for burger and not much of a beer joint

                  Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Maple Grove .. I really like their burgers, but i dont think it's really a beer joint

                  5-8 club in Champlin .. I think they have bar too? (not really sure). it's a home for juicy-lucy burger, but i personally dont really care for the burger here that much.

                  Two Stooges in Fridley .. has build your own burger on the menu on Monday. Ive never really eaten food there. I only go there when my bf goes there for his darts tournament, so I cant say how their food is.

                  Girvan Grille
                  8700 Edinbrook Crossing, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

                  Pickle Park
                  7820 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432

                  1. Some more places in Maple Grove

                    3 Squares Restaurant .. is it a chain? They do have one whole page for burgers though and lots of tap and canned/ bottled beers.

                    J.Cousineaus Dram & Alehouse .. just drove pass the place tonight and saw that they a sign for special burger or something all day

                    The Lookout Bar & Grill .. just went there tonight. They have 9 burgers on the menu (picture attached), and also full bar. I didnt have burger there though so cant say how their burgers are.

                    Lookout Bar & Grill
                    8672 Pineview Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

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                      WOW ! thanks to all, some great recs here, moomon a pic of the menu thats going the extra mile thanks. more recs are ok with me.....thanks yet again.

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                        I didn't have a burger at the Lookout Bar & Grill either but did have this breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. If the burgers are equal to the BPT then they are probably good.

                        Lookout Bar & Grill
                        8672 Pineview Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

                      2. For those interested, I looked up the Sunshine Factory:

                        7600 42nd Ave N. New Hope, MN 55427

                        1. Two comments...

                          1) For the last ~5 years, I've played pool regularly at Biff's and Two Stooges (at least once a week at Stooges, every week). If you keep your standards to sports bar levels, they're both worth a shot. That's not to say the food is bad; it's just a little uneven.

                          2) Add me to the Sunshine Factory crowd...really good stuff, and the late night burger deal is very much worth it.

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                            havent spent much time there recently but back when it was University Billiards I thought it was pretty legit for bar food, were you familiar with it then? how does it compare?

                            1. re: getgot211

                              I never went when it was University Billiards, but they've expanded quite a bit since then, from what people tell me.

                              I'm probably selling them short, to be honest. Their burgers are actually pretty good, but after being there literally hundreds of times over the past few years, I've had a few below average (though not sent back) burgers.

                          2. Shortstop in Fridley and Coon Rapids has some decent burgers.

                            I know you mentioned no chains, but Joe Sensers in Roseville has a new menu with quite a few interesting new burger selections. I've always thought their burgers were good.

                            1. I've had burgers a couple times at Girvan Grille, and thought they were really good (esp. the Blue Burger with Amish blue cheese and cracked peppercorns.) I believe they still have 2-for-1 burgers on Tuesday nights, which is a great deal. I don't think anyone's mentioned Bricks Pub in Blaine. They have a nice variety of options in the beer department, and some pretty good burgers and appetizers to go with it.


                              Bricks Pub
                              Blaine, Blaine, MN

                              1. Big Louie's has good burgers too. Actually they have really great wings too, with some interesting sauces. I love the Thai chili sauce.

                                Big Louie's is in Crystal on West Broadway.


                                1. Great burger and bar at Ole Piper Inn on 65 in Blaine, and great breakfast also!

                                  Ole Piper Inn
                                  1416 93rd Ln NE, Minneapolis, MN 55449

                                  1. Take the time to drive to South Minneapolis to Buster's on 28th. Why? Fresh baked buns, freshly ground burger which cooked to perfection, plenty of topping options including cream cheese with chipotle, hand cut fries, and home made ketchup. You will not be disappointed. Just had one today...

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                                      Unless you try to order a beer...they'll likely be out of it, and your next choice, and your next choice, and your next choice, and your .........

                                      ...but good food

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                                        GG - Is Buster's running out of beer a recent happening? I haven't been there in about 6 months, but used to go fairly regularly. They were never out of a beer that I asked for, and when at Buster's, I tend to order beer from across their menu, not just standards. I haven't been to Buster's for a while because, frankly, the wait on evenings was getting be a pain in the butt. But given that's it's only a mile from my house, maybe it's time to buck up and make another trip to Buster's.

                                        I would agree with tda though, that their burgers are, in my opinion, the best bar burger in the Twin Cities.

                                      2. re: tda

                                        A few things about Buster's:

                                        1) I've never ordered a beer there that wasn't available, and I tend, like FH, to order a pretty good variety.

                                        2) I enjoy the burgers, I really do, but I have two criticisms. First, they are chronically under seasoned. It seems to me like no salt or pepper are involved. Second, the bun tends to be a bit of a problem. They are a little too bready for me and they tend to fall apart.

                                      3. D Spot Oakdale MN best buger around also best wings in MN