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Mar 8, 2011 06:35 AM

Lent in Bermuda

Going to Bermuda for the 1st time and just realized it's Lent-- will that impact menu options (i.e. no meat)? Not a problem for me, but boyfriend isn't a fish fan and may go insane if that's all he can eat for a week. thx

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  1. No, it's the same regular menus as always in restaurants.

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      Oh incidentally, if he craves meat, the Hog Penny restaurant in Hamilton is currently celebrating their Hog Wild promotion at dinner, 7 days a week. $25 for a platter, consisting of ribs, pulled pork and sausages, I believe. :)

      Let us know if you need any recs or tips. Enjoy your first time here!

      1. re: bdachow

        Thanks for your advice! We can't wait to explore Bermuda. Could you recommend some mid-range dinner options? We'll probably do 1-2 special nights (I have some ideas from reading the board), but we'd love some ideas for the rest of the week. Somewhere with a laid-back atmosphere, casual attire (non-jacket & tie), and a mixed menu (meat, fish, veg). We're from NYC, so we're used to a range of cuisines and are somewhat prepared for sticker-shock. THANKS!

        1. re: vandelayrules

          In Hamilton I would recommend Muse on Front Street opposite ferry dock: also try at the other of the street The Beach, a casual bar operation with decent food and great prices. For a mid range in Hamilton also try Mad Hatters, on Richmond Road and a 5 minute walk from Front. Freeport Gardens in Dockyard can serve up Bermuda fish in a casual atmosphere, as can Lobster Pot in Hamilton -but stick with the fresh, local fish here and don't worry about the sides...they do the fish well. Trattoria in Hamilton for pizza.

          1. re: hungryhog

            Anyone been to Muse lately? Initial reports were really bad - has it improved?

            Rustico in Flatts has excellent thin-crust pizza.

            Mad Hatters seem to be always busy, you might need a reservation.

            If it's sunny try Harry's at Miles off Pitts Bay Road - sit outside - really good hamburgers and fries, pizza and mojitos.

            If you're in St. George's on a weekday check out Somers Supermart, they have a cook who prepares really good Indian food as part of their self-serve take-out lunch. I've also heard good reports of Wahoo Restaurant in St. George's - excellent wahoo.

            What part of the island are you staying in?

            1. re: Athena

              Thanks! We love Indian food, so we'll have to check out Somers for lunch. We're staying in Hamilton (city).

    2. I've been to Muse twice for lunch and can't say I loved it. The food was middle of the road for the price.

      For mid-pricing, try Bistro J (it's in Hamilton on Chancery Lane). I fell off it awhile ago but just rediscovered it again. Good value and slightly more refined food than Mad Hatter's. The cheesecake is divine, light and fluffy, I have no love of cheesecake but this one is an exception to the rule.

      If you go to Lobster Pot, ask which fish are local otherwise, it's frozen and very meh. Locals love the place, I'm meh on it. Very simple old school preparation of seafood.

      If you like sushi, try Pearl sushi on Front St. in Hamilton. They do nice work with local fish. Try and get a patio table if it's nice outside and since it's hit and miss on busy-ness, I'd reserve.

      For casual, any of the pubs would do well. Pickled Onion on Front St has more Asian inspired bar food, Hog Penny has traditional British pub. The Beach again, traditional bar food. There are lots of little delis and sandwich shops around Hamilton. Lemon Tree has a nice patio area surrounded by Par-La Ville Park which is nice to relax in with a sandwich. They also do breakfast pastries.