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Mar 8, 2011 05:54 AM

Le Chateaubriand vs Le Dauphin

Coming to Paris on March 20 for a week of restaurants, museums and walking around.

We tried for reservations at Le Chateaubriand via our hotel concierge. I told them if that proved too difficult, we would be happy with Le Dauphin next door. Le Dauphin recently received very positive coverage from the NYT 's Style Magazine in it's summary of fashion week in Paris. We got the reservation at Le Dauphin. (Separately, we did very luckily land places at Frenchie and Spring as well).

Any chowhound comments on what to order or avoid at Le Dauphin? Most of the comments I've gathered focus on the design, atmosphere and crowd. We are very excited to see the neighborhood and the space. But, we also want to eat!

Thanks for any recommendations you have.

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  1. Dr. Talbott recently posted a so-so review of Le Dauphin in his blog. Nothing terribly negative, but worthy of a read.

    1. We're planning to visit Le Chateaubriand (with Le Daupin as a fall-back if the line is too long) this Saturday night. Any recommendations for places to have a few ncie cocktails nearby beforehand?


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        Le adauphin isn't a walk in place for food, best to book if you don't want a long wait. Do you mean a drink beforehand or do you really mean a cocktail as both have bars where you can have a drink whilst you wait but neither serve cocktails.

        1. re: PhilD

          Thanks for the response Phil. Ideally I mean some cocktails. My plan was to go somewhere for cocktails from 8-9/9.30pm then head over to Chateaubriand to queue or the second service (and good to know we can have a drink there while we wait). Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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            I just spoke with Le Chateaubriand, and they were so kind and I was so giddy to get through, I forgot to ask the best time to queue up. We're master "waiters", so we plan to head over early on a Tuesday to grab a drink and enjoy life while we wait.

            But what time is appropriate. The woman at the desk said 10 minutes prior to second seating, but that seems risky to me, even on a Tuesday in early May.

            Is second seating 9.30p? And is an appropriate time to arrive 45 minutes early? 30? Just wondering. Thank you so much!

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            1. re: unclefishbits

              The stagger the tables at the first sitting so the second sitting is also staggered. My observation was that they served blocks of tables at a time ( it is a standard set menu). If it where me I would think 8:30 would be good and hope for one of the first tables to open up. It is a good long bar to sit andave a glass of wine.