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Mar 8, 2011 05:37 AM

Paczki in Asheville?

Is there any to be found in Asheville? Any bakeries around that offer this Fat Tuesday treat? Are there other transplanted rust-belters feeling their Polish roots ache a bit today; an ache that only be salved with applications of fried yeasty dough and jam and cream? Am I alone out here howling at the paczki moon?

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  1. You're not alone in your quest. I haven't found any, but if I do, I'll update you. If you find someplace, please respond as well, because I'm craving one!

    1. If you come to Durham, check out the Halgo European (Polish) Deli and Grocery.
      See website at

      They have lots of great Polish items. Last year they had Paczki that they brought from a bakery in NJ. I forgot to check if they were getting them again this year.

      1. Thank you for your support! I've not found anything yet. A few places have noted that they DO have "King Cake," which is all well and good IF I WERE TRANSPLANTED FROM NOLA! ;) Just kidding. I've got nothin' against King Cake. But by the same token,King Cake has got nothin' to do with paczki, except that they both announce the last burst of indulgence prior to the onset of Lent. *sigh*

        1. Being Southern to the core, I know nothing about this Paczki thing of which you speak, but do want to say "have you tried Euromarket on Patton Avenue?" It's behind Sonic and Aldi and carries a lot of Eastern European items and baked goods.

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            I have NOT tried Euromarket! Thanks for the heads-up, Leepa! That sounds like a likely candidate!

            A little paczki info:



            I can tell you that even smaller cities with big Polish/Eastern Euro populations, such as my old town of Kalamazoo, MI, are hot for paczki! Mmmmmm. I like raspberry, and bavarian cream....

            1. re: dingey

              Wow! Those look fantastic! I'm a sucker for a great jelly doughnut and that looks very similar.

              1. re: dingey

                Here's the website for Euromarket. It's been a while since I've been there and am not sure they have fresh bakery items. BUT, I'll bet they'll know where you might get some if they don't.


                Also, have you tried the Amish store out in Fairview on Old Fort Road? Now they do have fresh baked items and some more unusual ones at that. And I think they do special orders, too. It's another great place to explore.


            2. A little late, but please try Old Europe Bakery at 13 Broadway - this is the new address; ignore the one below. (255-5999) I called today asking for Poppy Seed Kolaches (Czech), and "Melinda" (from Hungary) said she'd make some special for me on Saturday. They also are the local Groupon special today - $20 for $10!

              Old Europe
              41 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801