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Mar 8, 2011 05:14 AM

Your dream gastronomic experience - now or whenever

I was eating carnitas and guacamole last night and thinking about how the first place I ever saw them mentioned was in James Beard. That led me to think that something I would have loved to have done was to go to one of his cocktail parties in say 1965 (when I was decidedly under cocktail age). Just imagine the hors d'oeuvres! And the company. And the clothes.
What's your dream experience?

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  1. How to choose! Here's one specific one: the famous dinner at the French Laundry with Anthony Bourdain.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      That I know nothing about, actually. Details?

      1. re: buttertart

        Bourdain AND Eric Ripert for a dinner where Keller pulled out all the stops: 20 courses, each with different dishes -- some one of a kind -- for each of the four diners.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            haven't watched the video link yet, but I remember reading, way back then, that Keller made a dessert called "coffee and cigarettes" for chain smoker Bourdain.

            1. re: mariacarmen

              Yes. On the video clip he's shown being served a coffee custard infused with tobacco from a Marlboro. Not only does he find it hilarious, apparently it tastes good.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                This, very much. I would sell body parts to be there.

                1. re: MandalayVA

                  Lucky for you your body parts are still wanted, l could not trade mine in for anything anymore

      2. Mine would be the Top Chef episode with Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin.

        1. An evening with Julia & Jacques - nothing fancy, just the two of them in the kitchen, cooking together, sipping wine, telling stories, laughing .....

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          1. re: mariacarmen

            Would this involve having any locally produced goat cheese?

              1. re: mariacarmen

                That would be perfectly fine by me too.

          2. Actually had mine. Lunch with Craig Claiborne and Maida Haetter at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia in the late 70's. l couldn't stop smiling for weeks and even now, still grinning while writing this.

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            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              I feel faint even at the mention of this. Must have been really fantastic. You lucky thing!

              1. El Bulli in, say, 1992. Before I would have known what to expect.

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