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Cheese danishes?

So I was struck by a sudden craving for a cheese danish, and realized that I have no idea where to get one anymore. Can anyone point me in the direction of tasty cheese danishes? Thanks :D

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  1. Just did a quick search and Maestro Traiteur came up although I haven't been there personally. Come to think of it, it's been awhile since I've had a really good danish, too.

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      Yeah, I seem to recall being able to get them fairly easily, but it's been a few years and I can't even remember where I ever found them to begin with! And now I can't find them at all!

      I'll look into Maestro Traiteur... thanks!

    2. I think Wawel makes cheese danishes

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        Wawel does make cheese danish but I have not been impressed by them.

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          I guess I might have to go to Wawel to satisfy the craving until someone else suggests a better option! Thanks

      2. you've got to get to the cote st luc-westmount area. Try real bagel on cote st. luc/grand blvd. also, solly's deli at westminster/mackle. I think yuki's sells them too, corner sherbrooke & marlowe. also willing to bet that fressers on decarie sells them, as well as maxie's bakery in the cavendish mall.

        1. Quality Kosher on Querbes corner Beaumont has excellent cheese Danish but their cherry cheese danish is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. One of the great food experiences of my 60+ years of eating wonderful food.

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            Exactly...and awesome old school donuts...

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              I'm trying to figure out how to make/bake cheese danish such as these, or the chocolate danish. Anyone have a recipe? Can't get the same taste/kind down in the States.....

            2. Cheskies on Bernard or Snowdon Del on Decarie for their mini danish.

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                I beg to differ re Cheskies:

                Cheskies makes a bunch of really good stuff (chocolate babka and rugulach and cheesecake) but the cheese danish doesn't have enough filling for a high rating.

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                  There is a cheese type of cookie at Cheskie's, I don't know what it's called but it looks like a cookie flower filled with cheese - anyway it's insanely good. Not a Danish per se, but the filling is similar. Better than any cheese Danish I can remember.

              2. Ella's Deli in Cote St Luc has the best cheese danish I have tasted to date. It is filled with more cheese than ever; in fact all of their cakes and pastries are inhouse made and not one has ever disappointed...I like a fat cheese filled danish not the ones where each bite is just dough and two bites of cheese. However I have not tasted Cheskies.

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                  Please try to try Cheskies, I think they fit your bill. Next time I'm in the Luc, I'll check Ella's. Are they Westminster & Mackle?

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                      Ella's Deli
                      5555 Westminster Avenue
                      Unit 100
                      Cote-Saint-Luc, QC H4W 2J2

                      (514) 368-1741

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                      In addition to the Ella's on Westminster near Delly Boys there is also now one on Queen Mary near Snowdon metro station.

                      4968B Queen Mary and I agree that Ella's has the best cheese bagels and amazing other cakes and pastries.

                      Does anyone remember the scrumptious cheese bagels/danish at Brown Derby years ago? I still remember the light flaky dough just jam packed with cheese from 30 years ago.

                      1. re: yeggy

                        Hold on- cheese danish and cheese bagels are two completely different animals. One being of many varied shapes and sizes, the other a horseshoe shaped confection with different dough than danish dough. Sooo, does Ella's have great cheese danish or cheese bagels?

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                          I happened to buy the cheese bagel because the cheese Danish was sold out. I bought another confection which was a doughy base piled high with cheese and did not like this at all and for cheese bagel there are so many alternatives.