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the best pastrami of my adult life, bar none

There are many different times of mmhmm. Sometimes you say mmhmm bc you're eating something in front of the person who cooked it and you want to reassure them that you liked it. Sometimes you say mmhmm bc you want to reassure yourself that something was worth the calories. The most significant mmhmm is the involuntary one. The one that happens when you put something in your mouth and you find yourself closing youre eyes and mmhmming without even realizing it. This is what will happen when you bite in to a pastrami sandwich at Deli Boss. It is, no question, the bext sandwich you've had since you were a child. I don't normally post this stuff, but ev...ery week I see something I love closing, and we need to make sure this doesn't happen with Deli Boss. Purchase this coupon, and for $15, go buy 2 sandwiches and a couple of cans of soda, for $15 and you will become addicted to this place. Side note, this is not groupon, I will not get any referral credit for this, but the place is just that good.

I do think the sandwiches are kinda pricy without the coupon, but unfortunately I think they're totally worth it. They also have somethign called a smothered burger, which is apretty large burger smothered in freshly cut and grilled mushrooms and onions, served with fried, coleslaw for $10, and a dynamite potato knish that I only initially tried to bring my tally last time up to the $30 mark,. but will totally buy again.

They also have a chicken deal that I havent had, but I see people buying there whenever Im there, that's a pretty good deal without the coupon, and an obscene deal with it. You can check out the details on the facebook page.

You guys know me, I comment on other people's posts but I really don't recc things myself so frequently, so please take this one seriouisly

Oh, and it's under Chof K


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  1. And what subway stop is it near? :-)

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    1. re: zsero

      its on willis, which is in roslyn, which is the north shore, which would make it off the lirr

      1. re: srsone

        Deli Boss of Roslyn
        390 Willis Ave
        Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

      2. ahh..new york..

        kinda far for me to go for pastrami...
        if im ever in new york i will check it out...

        1. we have a stage 62 deli and place called pastrami dans here...
          never asked if dans is kosher tho...

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                Both of those restaurants are very definitely not kosher (offering ham/bacon, meat and dairy mixes, etc.) The vast majority of delis aren't.

                1. re: GilaB

                  ahh..never thought about it...
                  but then not being jewish its not what i look for..i just look for good food...

                  but are we talking about good pastrami or just kosher or both?

                  1. re: srsone

                    just good pastrami, i myself am kosher, but 1- ive brought non-kosher people there, and 2- if u go during the day most of the people buying there are non kosher
                    3- its not in a religious neighborhood, so for it to garner a following, it needs to be competitive in general, and it has

                    1. re: srsone

                      as this is the kosher chowhound board, BOTH

            1. Some of my favorites outside of NYC

              The pastrami at Romanian Kosher Sausage in Chicago

              The pastrami at The Kitchen Table in Mountain View Ca

              Both are house cured and are excellent

              1. Shoelace: Is Deli Boss a sit down restaurant or only take out?

                1. From the picture, it looks sliced by slicer, not hand sliced, true ?

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                        As a chef who has spent as much time slicing pastrami as raising my own children, allow me to elucidate. Pastrami can be sliced on the slicer only if being sliced cold (as is usually done by establishments that are buying ready made commercial pastrami and not making their own). Classically speaking, NY style pastrami are steamed before serving and would simply not hold together if cut on a slicer and as such have to be sliced by hand.

                        1. re: gotcholent

                          I must disagree with you.
                          I worked for a kosher deli/caterer in the late 1970s. I sliced thousand of pounds of pastrami (and many other meats as well). We steamed our plate pastrami in a steam table every day and there was no trouble slicing by machine. The pastrami did not fall apart. This pastrami was navel cut plate, commercially produced and arrived packed in cryovacs.
                          If a deli used overly fat meat, barrel cured too long, and microwaved the pastrami, then it would be susceptible to falling apart on the slicer.

                      2. re: Delucacheesemonger

                        ive been there times when theyve hand sliced and when theyve used the slicer


                        its only take take ou, which kept me from trying it initially, but im glad i gave in and tried it

                        im telling u buy one coupon today, and run and try it, and ul end up buying more coupons before the deal expires

                      3. Does anyone know if you get change if you don't use the $30 worth of the coupon? If I go myself, I can see eating $15 worth, especially if a sandwich costs in that range already, but not $30. Doesn't seem like a good deal for an individual, though obviously good for a couple or group. (I checked the website and the FAQ, but didn't see this question answered.)

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                          no, you cant get change, not officially according to grub life rules, what you can do is get other stuff for the next day, ive done the pastrami sandwich the next day, it was good, they have soups that are pretty good, though we didnt love the black bean, and they also have really good short ribs that they sell for 8 a rack

                          u can also ask them, i know theyre very people friendly, theyve thrown things in and doen substitutions other places wouldnt do

                          theyd like work with you

                          1. re: SoCal Mother

                            The link will expire tomorrow... so in case it disappears, the info is:

                            Deli Boss of Roslyn
                            390 Willis Ave
                            Roslyn Heights NY 11577

                            1. re: tamarw

                              a little far even for amazing pastrami...

                              Hope the place is still there next time I am in NY.

                          2. I thought you would provide me with more details on the actual pastrami. I love good deli, but I need the stats if I'm going all the way to Roslyn (and I would).

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                            1. re: cappucino

                              Would love to hear more details regarding the pastrami as well--I'll check it out soon though. How's the chopped liver? A little off topic, but does anyone know where in this area one can find 'heimesh' food--specifically, good herring? Andel's in Roslyn is just obscenely expensive. What about chopped/fried liver? P'cha/galla?

                              1. re: abu applesauce

                                people say the chopped liver is great, ive had it and didnt love it, but i also like mine heavy on the onions and this was not

                                in terms f the rest of the items on your list, i tink the closest place to roslyn that ive seen pcha is at aarons in kgh, but if you were gonna go there to get it, id call first, bc im not sure if when i saw it it was just for rosh hashana

                              2. re: cappucino

                                what details are you looking for, side note, the grublifemetro expires tonight, so if youre gonna buy oen to use whenever, you gotta buy it today, and if youre planning on going to try the place out before june, it makes sense to buy the coupon

                                1. re: shoelace

                                  It was the best pastrami because...
                                  Was it fatty? Were the slices larger? Was the portion huge (ratio of pastrami to bread)? Was the size of the bread adequate? Was the cut of pastrami high quality--there are different kinds of pastrami out there. Dude, do you know your pastrami or not? Roslyn is a long trip for me especially at dinner time.

                                  1. re: cappucino

                                    I'm getting the feeling that having us buy the coupon is shoelace's priority here. This doesn't really seem like a foodie post.

                                    1. re: cappucino

                                      I am as enthusiastic a spam-reporter as we have here, trust me, but shoelace has posted 250+ times over the last five years, which gives him/her some credibility with me.

                                      1. re: cappucino

                                        thank you gila

                                        so i really dont care if you buy the coupon, i was sharing a dealfind, on a product that i know if far superior to anything else out there, ive been around this board and active on this board for much longer than most of you, and dont jump to recommend products

                                        capp youre the one sounding not credible hear, not me

                                        anyway, i apologize for disappearing for a few hours here, was working

                                        the right bread actually tastes like rye, whereas when you buy rye at gourmet or brachs in lawrence or the old suprsel, the rye was too watered down with white flour for ti to actually have a rye taste, it also tastes double baked to me, bc it has a nice serious crust

                                        the portion was a nice sized portion, but thast nto the appeal for me at all, it was the taste

                                        when i was growing up pastrami had the right seasoning (ie not just the salt from the kashering) and an adequate amt of fat without it being too fatty, for it to be really moist, and it had that nice happy crust, but still the tenderness inside

                                        i dotn know how it was made bc i didnt ask bc i have no plans of trying to duplicate it (im scared to find out its something i could do at home, bc then id start making it and having a constant pastrami supply at home would be a bad idea) or specifically what cut was used if the cut would be considered similar to how brisket is cut, then this would be 2nd cut which i can tell from how its sliced

                                        no, i dont know my pastrami in terms of making it, but i grew up on good pastrami, and havent been able to find it in a long time, id say going on over 10 years maybe, and i know that ig et upset when i get pastrami at other delis on central ave or at supermarkets, and bite into it, and it basically is flavorless and dry

                                        i apologize for having the nerve to want to share that with people who youd think would appreciate it (rolling eyes)

                                2. Which type of pastrami, shoulder or chuck? Me, I prefer shoulder from Romanian Kosher. Romanian Kosher's pastrami was voted best best pastrami by Chicago Magazine a while back.

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                                    Their shoulder pastrami is good (ask for the Romanian Pastrami is you go) but I prefer the regular - and also note the review Chicago magazine did was against all Pastrami offerings in Chicago - Treif and kosher

                                    1. re: therealdoctorlew

                                      It's owned by the people who own the Bagel Boss of Roslyn Heights.

                                      1. re: therealdoctorlew

                                        It's down the block from the bagel boss in roslyn, Im not sure if its the same owner, but I do know that they are in some way affiliated

                                        However, where some don't hold by bagel boss's hashgacha (I personally am ok with it) deli boss is under the chof k, which is pretty universally held by

                                        have never had romanian kosher friend, only after it was frozen and then brought back to ny, and didnt love it, BUT, i think when you freeze meet thats already been processed you totally mess up the consistency, from what im told, romaninan is suposed to be great

                                        my friend who first convinced me to rty deli boss said that the sign of great pastrami is that when it just comes hot out of the deli and sanwich can just be pulled in half by the hand, he then demonnstrated with the sandwich, it was pretty cool, ehrm, rather, hot, and delicious

                                      2. My son just told me the other night that the best pastrami can be cut with the back of a plastic fork. He was saying this while digging into a thick, soft as butter slice that he got at a wedding. It was just incredibly good (and not fatty, to my surprise). We all marveled at how soft it was.

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                                        1. re: cappucino

                                          I know that this will come across to many as absolutely blasephemous, but years ago when I was first starting out and opened my first small deli across from YU, long before I had the pleasure of smoking my own pastrami and assorted kosher bacons, we used to take thick slices of Naval Pastrami (aka the Plate cut) and flash fry it in the deep fryer, just long enough to melt away the extra fat. The result was a very bacon like pastrami, both soft and yet with a slight crunchy crust. It made one hell of a PLT. These days we make our own, and the Naval pastrami is one of my favorite cuts for any number of different cholents.

                                            1. re: georgeliot

                                              Ari's Gourmet Kosher Delicatessen, which was a very large name (and even more enormously ambitious menu) for a tiny, magical little hole in the wall. Somehow, we managed to feed 300+ a day from a kitchen that measured 6X16 feet. They were good times, good times.....humble beginnings indeed.. Here's a pic of the place and our old menu to jog your memory

                                                1. re: berel

                                                  Unfortunatley not. All we had at YU then was Time Out Pizza , the original Grandma's , and the Caf . I had the oppurtunity to drive my nephew back to YU on a Sat. night this past winter and was in shock at how many kosher places there are now.

                                                  1. re: berel

                                                    Sorry, I was only 9 years old in 1987t :) Not yet engulfed in a culinary career. We operated from 'O5-07 and then closed to pursue Shabbat Oriented and high end kosher catering full time.

                                                    At that point the location would have been running numbers, selling lottery tickets and probably coke...not the place for good yeshiva bachurs to be hanging out.