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How do you make your popcorn?

I do mine in a Whirly Pop. I use coconut oil and add sea salt and nutritional yeast at the end. Yummy. Would love to get a copycat recipe for Garrett's cheese popcorn and their caramel corn.

How do you do your popcorn?

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  1. I cook it on the stovetop in a large heavy pot (usually an all-clad dutch oven). I cook it in corn oil or clarified butter, depending upon my mood, and season with a fine salt. I don't care for flavorings on my popcorn. Like to keep it simple.

    1. Mine is very basic....3 TBSP organic corn kernels into a paper bag...scrunch it closed...microwave for about 2 minutes...pour into a bowl and add melted butter and a little salt to it...sometimes nutritional yeast flakes.

      1. One evening a number of years ago I popped some corn in bacon grease. As I remember it was quite tasty. I also remember there being some cocktails involved in the evening which may explain the use of bacon grease.

        1. stumbled upon this post, what is this nutritional yeast? does it have a taste? can it be added to the regular lite kettle corn i make in the mirco?

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            It's flaky, and faintly cheesy tasting. Vegans use it as a cheese substitute. IMO, wishful thinking - it's blander than American cheese. It does not melt, and does not adhere to the popcorn unless the popcorn has oil or other moisture.

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              Oh, and I use this. Great product

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              Me too. I blend cracked black pepper, grated Parmeggiano (not the powdered stuff made of cardboard), and nutritional yeast, then sprinkled on hot popped corn. Yum!

            3. My usual method is with a tablespoon of corn oil in an old pressure cooker with a blown out seal.

              The lack of a seal and the pressure valve at the top keep the steam from building up and gives me a nice crisp pop. A little salt and I'm done.

              Occasionally, I will use ghee, (clarified butter), and I have also gone the bacon fat and the duck fat routes as well.

              Once in a great while, I'll melt a little...


              ...Velveeta in some cream or half n half and pour that over the top.

              I love popcorn.

              I want some now.

              1. i remember when i was kid back before microwaves..we used to love doing the jiffy pop on the stove top...we would all take a turn swishing it around on the stove...

                or we used an air popper...

                but nowadays mostly microwave ..i like the newmans own butter flavor...

                1. There's an amazing Indian restaurant here in DC that gives spicy popcorn away at the bar. It's so wonderful that I've tried to replicate it, but I can't. Clearly the herbs are toasted in oil with the corn kernels, so as the corn pops, it all becomes flavored. I haven't managed to get the flavors or the timing right, though.

                  1. I keep the kernels refrigerated in a glass jar, which limits the percentage of "poopcorn" (unpopped). I seem to get larger pieces and less poopcorn with the stove than the microwave, so I use virgin coconut oil in a deep pot with an ill-fitting lid. For topping I use either powdered Four Seasons Italian Dressing - just a light sprinkling as it's strong - or yellow cheese powder bought online from Barry Farm.

                    1. We use organic kernels and pop it on the stove in some peanut oil and a pat of butter. When it's done, sea salt and melted butter is added. It's gooooooooooooooood.

                      1. I make my popcorn on the stovetop in a large pot, and use coconut oil or ghee. I cover with an oil splatter screen and watch as it pops :)

                        For toppings, I use melted butter and drizzle over the popped corn then sprinkle with Nori Komi Furikake rice seasoning and paprika. I sometimes also like to sprinkle coarse ground garlic powder while the butter is melting. Oh, and salt, gotta have salt.

                        1. I used to make it in a dutch oven on the stove top (a little bit of oil). But I've since gotten an air popper ($25) - no oil needed and it pops up perfectly with no mess whatsoever. I sprinkle it with either a little melted butter and popcorn salt (very fine) or sometimes, if I'm feeling especially lazy, I'll spray it with a little oil and sprinkle it with popcorn salt and molly mcbutter flakes.

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                            Thanks guys, for giving me a popcorn craving. I just made some with my air popper. It has next-to-nothing, calorie-wise, and lots of flavor. A sprinkle of Pecorino Romano goes a long way and really makes it tangy. Mmmm...

                          2. I use my wok with peanut oil. Bacon Grease? I will have to try a little of that with the oil(just for flavor).

                            1. I use any pot that's taller than it is wide. Put a slick of olive oil at the bottom. Put a layer of popcorn in. Stick on the lid. Turn on the stove med-low. Listen for the popping and wait until it slows, just like with microwave popcorn. When done, lift up the lid, throw salt into the pot, put lid back on, and shake wildly to distribute. Then pour into a bowl and eat.