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Mar 7, 2011 07:26 PM

Faschnaut Day in the Philly area

I've been to my beloved Yum Yum Donuts and secured my faschnauts but I'm wondering if any other area bakeries such as Alice in North Wales or Cross Roads in Doylestown are baking up special potato donuts? One of the good things about nabbing my faschnauts early is that I can still try other places. Yum Yum in Colmar gets tons of preorders, you can see the white dozen boxes piled high. The place was hopping!

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  1. I stop by Crossroads nearly every morning. They had signs out for King cakes, but nothing about doughnuts. Do not think they have the capability of frying there, baking only. But will report back later this morning.

    Glad Yum Yum in Colmar is still going, we lost the one on Street Road in Warminster. Only other one I know of is in Quakertown.

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      Nooooo! It's the smallest donut chain ever. Yeah box piles were huge and they were packing like a production line. So good!

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        I think Street Road is still open. County Line Road closed.

      2. Visited Landis Supermarket because they had a sign explaining the history of Faschnauts and the tradition of making them with potato flour. However, when I asked the ladies at the bakery counter if the "faschnauts" they were selling today were indeed made with potato flour, they admitted that no, they were not. Apparently, they are not even made on site. The supermarket receives the dough and just fries them. I was disappointed, but solved my problem with a quick call to Yum Yum to place my order to be picked up later today! Lesson learned!

        1. Anywhere downtown or South Philly to get these?

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            our director brought faschnauts in last year from the south philly area - unfortunately he's in FL right now so i can't ask where he got them.

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              Closest to downtown would be Port Richmond.. Marian's bakery among others...

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                Brauhaus Schmitz was selling them to go last week.

              2. Alice Bakery & Confectionary has no fryer (YET... stay tuned, my friends) so no faschnaut's this year (no beignets either)
                I didn't pre-order any from Yum-Yum so I didn't even think to try to go in cold this morning to attempt to get any

                a coworker and I had a discussion about the Landis faschnauts and we're both very disappointed because most of their baked goods are done in house... Maybe they're just too time consuming
                I had a friend who would make them for the fire and police stations in his town, from his grandmother's secret recipe... it included plain mashed potatoes and the water that you boiled the potatoes in...stingy friend, "gradmothers' secret recipe" stayed a secret as he refused to share with me!
                (the recipe, not the donuts... they were really good donuts!)

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                  Just so you know, Yum Yum makes their faschnauts throughout the day. Last year, I didn't have time to get there until after 6pm and they had just made a fresh batch.

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                    Sorry about pouncing on you last week at Alice cgarner, must have been the sugar rush. Shortly before you came in I had consumed a sticky bun that had been warmed up for me. One bite and all the words left my mind, that taste brought me right into the moment and everything else faded away.

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                      No worries carbs! I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve been back there since (twice yesterday!) and Dennis and I thought what a coincidence that he had mentioned something about seeing our very complimentary posts here on Chow and there we both were!
                      Unfortunately, whenever I’m there, I’m always in a hurry either to get to work or get home so I apologize if I seemed harried. At that time of night getting home, getting dinner on the table and a glass of wine in hand are the thoughts that occupy my mind.