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Mar 7, 2011 06:23 PM

new to austin- good chinese food or italian deli?

I moved from San Francisco a bout 10 days ago. I'm craving Chinese food and I would love an Italian deli (or Jewish deli for that matter!)
Any suggestions????


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  1. You are going to be sad if you just moved here from San Francisco. Our Chinese food options do not hold a candle to SF's. Hell; our food options in general do not compare to SF's (but Chinese food is one of the worst examples of this).

    Probably the most authentic Chinese food in town is at Asia Cafe on Spicewood Springs off 183.

    Din Ho Chinese BBQ, Ho Ho, and First Chinese BBQ are all decent options. I used to love Pao's in Lakeway, but haven't been there in a while, and heard it has gone downhill. If you go, make sure you ask for the Chinese menu. They have two different menus, and decide which one to give you based on the way you look.

    1. All those Chinese restaurants Optimista listed are the main contenders. There's no type of deli that's worth a damn in the region.

      1. There is no Jewish deli in Austin, much less a good one. One of the only ones to exist (Katz's), which was not good, just closed. Wholly Bagel might be as close as it gets. They're more of a bagel shop w/ some sandwiches. But those bagels are excellent.

        While it's not an Italian deli, rather more of a sandwich shop, I love Fricano's (104 E. 31st St), which has a nice neighborhoody east coast sandwich shop feel.

        1. Well, I must say that Fortune Seafood Restaurant on Lamar just south of Kramer is worthy. Deli, well, you are on your own and lost in Austin.

          1. The closest thing to a good Jewish deli is the kosher deli in the Far West HEB. Being in a grocery store, it's lacking in ambiance. But my husband swears by their pastrami. Expect an expensive sandwich, though, since they're using kosher meat.