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Mar 7, 2011 05:23 PM

Cutie Pies - Opening location on Burnet...

I never got a chance to visit their trailer, but husband and I drove by and noticed yesterday this was going up near the Genie Car Wash. Looks to be opening end of this week sometime. Has anyone been to the trailer? Any recommendations? Always excited to try something new in the neighborhood.

Here is a story I found online when searching today:

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  1. That's exciting! That's my 'hood, too, and I haven't yet made it to the trailer. Looking forward to checking it out - thanks for the heads-up!

    1. I did stop by the trailer one day for the express purpose of getting some buttermilk pie, which I'd heard was good. Was it ever! It's the only version I've had that tasted just like my Tennessee-native friend's recipe, which is my gold standard. Dense, plain-looking, custard-y, not too sweet. She served it as a mini pie, and my only complaint with those is that the crust-to-filling ratio can be off, compared to one slice of a regular-sized pie.

      Based on just this one pie, I would say this woman knows her stuff!

      1. The buttermilk is amazing, and the key lime is quite good as well. I can't wait to try her savory pies mentioned in the article.

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          Her web site says it opened a few days ago. Anyone know for sure? Anyone tried it yet?

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            Good pie. The little ones they mostly sell aren't a bargain at 4.00 though. Really good crust. We bought a whole pie (you have to order them but some orders can be made in 2 hours) and it was fantastic. 15.00 although they are going to sell for 17.00. Pecan coconut white chocolate really worked. A thin layer of pecans didn't disappoint because the custard was soooo good. And very coconutty. Really nice people. They were staying open until 10 to see if the folks in the neighborhood would come out after dinner.

        2. I went by late on a Sunday (5 p.m. ish) and they were open! They had sold down quite a bit but i bought a piece of quiche for breakfast the next day. it was pretty good. I still like the size, taste and variety of quiche at Upper Crust the most.

          Pies are next on the list.