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Mar 7, 2011 05:04 PM

Craving a chocolate, caramel, peanut buttery ice cream recipe ?! :)

I want to make some homemade ice cream that is chocolaty, caramely, and peanut buttery. I was thinking of making a basic vanilla ice cream and then adding some chunks or syrups. Any suggestions on some creative chunks that I can make or buy or different sauces I can make. If I do a caramel sauce - I'm assuming I put it in as the ice cream is spinning in the ice cream maker?


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  1. I'd do a dulce de leche instead of plain caramel, because it's the best thing ever. Also, you shouldn't add in the swirl as the ice cream is churning or you'll end up mixing it all in. I prefer to do it in layers. After the ice cream is churned, plop some down into the dish you plan to store it in. Drizzle a hefty amount of your sauce on. Repeat with both, adding as much caramel as you want. When you scoop it, it'll come out like a swirl.

    1. You're a bad, bad person for making me think chocolate/caramel/peanut butter. I'm going to add to those horrible thoughts by giving my thoughts.....

      Make a vanilla base and do the whole thing as add ins. Kraft makes caramel pellets (for lack of a better description); use as add ins along with TJs Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. Blend them in at serving time.

      1. i agree with kate that a dulce de leche base is the way to go - one less sauce to worry about. high-quality dark chocolate chunks/chips (or a fudge swirl) and dollops of salted PB sound about right to me...or you could go the easy route and use mini PB cups - i know TJ's has them. just before serving, you can top it with crushed pretzels for an extra salty kick.

        okay, now i'm salivating...