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Mar 7, 2011 02:50 PM

Next - Tickets

So, has anyone gotten an email allowing them to purchase tickets yet? I got an email a few weeks ago saying they're almost ready to sell them and that they would notify people who signed up on the website in waves of 250.
I'd feel confident that I'm in the 250 since I signed up pretty quickly after the website went up.
But maybe I'm wrong.
Has anyone gotten a chance to buy tickets yet? Any idea when we can?

Also, are they really going to do "Season tickets"? How do you think that will work? Do you have to select all 4 dates when you buy the season ticket?

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  1. Nothing yet. Still doing the fit out of the space and looking for a few more chefs.

    1. No word, also on the list and willing to pay as I'll only be in Chicago Memorial week/weekend.

      1. Hey - I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have not heard from them yet. Am itching to hear about experiences there.

        1. In case you haven't seen- this is the latest thing I've seen about the opening.

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          1. re: ms. mika

            This caught my eye:
            "At a recent practice dinner at Alinea, the culinary team cooked through Next's 14-course kitchen table menu, a meal that spanned four-plus hours. This menu will be offered to just one table of six each night (the standard dining room menu will be six courses long)."

            Sounds like I have to round up some fellow foodies.
            Also this:

            "He's even considering "The French Laundry — Oct. 16, 1996," re-creating dishes from Achatz's first day working for Thomas Keller (and possibly bringing in Keller for a weeklong guest stint)"

            That would be awesome. While a very personal menu from Achatz life, I wonder how they'd stay in their $50-75 stated ticket price range while recreating a menu from TFL.


            1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

            1. re: Heeney

              My guess is prices will probably be upwards of $100 per ticket. Maybe less during the week. Considering the duck press was a few grand and will only be used for three months.

              This should be interesting to see how it evolves.

              1. re: BeanTownGolfer

                The FAQ on the website says that tickets should be 50-75. With wines as an option for around 25 extra. So $100 per ticket would probably be right. Though it would be a steal for that. Maybe they low-balled the estimate for ticket prices.
                They said there would be discounted prices for a "season ticket." and I am really considering that.

              2. re: Heeney

                My girlfriend and I will be in town Memorial week and would be very interested in the table for six.

                1. re: albatruffles

                  You and the rest of the free world. It ain't open yet and judging from the buzz it will be many months before you'll get in (there's a long waiting list already).

            2. I decided last week to travel to Chicago for the July 4th weekend. Am I dreaming, if I hope to go to Next that weekend?

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              1. re: Halifax

                I would suggest making your plans to eat elsewhere, but put your name on the e-mail list for Next in case you can get in. At almost any restaurant other than Next, you can cancel your reservations a few days ahead of time without any problems. So make plans for elsewhere, and you can change them in the unlikely event they are able to accommodate you at Next. (Just don't get your hopes up!)

                And remember, if you want to eat at Alinea that weekend - certainly not a bad choice, LOL! - they open the book on May 1 for July.

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  <<put your name on the e-mail list for Next in case you can get in.>>

                  We don't even know yet when Next opens their doors. At this point, the website is taking names only for future notifications.