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Mar 7, 2011 01:39 PM

First weekend in San Diego

My wife and I will spending 3 nights in San diego and then heading up to LaJolla. The night in La Jolla will be pre planned dinners as we are attending a work function at Torrey Pines. I am interested in a little help on our dinners in San Diego. We will be staying at the Marriott Marina downtown. We are looking for fun, great restaurants. Any kind of food is acceptable(local seafood one night) and would really like cool places with great local vibe.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Here is how I'd answer the same asked from a friend.

    Cowboy star
    Cucina Urbana

    Third is up to ..where you are from ? maybe grab something you can not get in your neck of the woods.

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    1. re: chris2269

      Thank you! We are from Atlanta, GA and we would obviously like to dine on things that aren't local to the Southeast. Good seafood is a must. Thanks for your help!!!!

      1. re: mattkizer

        Head to George's ocean terrace for more casual or the George's Modern for fine dining in La Jolla for great seafood..
        Drinks at Marine Room before sunset.
        Have fun!

        1. re: mattkizer

          Hmmm...being you are from Atlanta and all, you just might get a kick out of Aquamoree -- it's Southern tapas with a Southwest spin. Could be fun for drinks and appetizers before you head to George's in La Jolla (in the same building) for the main course. They're open both for lunch and dinner. Menu here:

          1. re: bizzwriter

            We will have all of our meals planned while in LaJolla. I was hoping for some recommendations in San Diego. We are staying downtown for a couple of nights.

            Thanks again

            1. re: mattkizer

              Cowboy Star
              Cucina Urbana
              Jsix at the Hotel Solamar
              Cafe Chloe
              Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel

              Take the water taxi over to Coronado and have dinner at the Hotel Del, 1500 Ocean or have drinks and app's at Candelas.


                1. re: Beach Chick

                  Thanks for your help! We went to Cucina Urbana and had a great time! The food service and WINE was great.
                  Tonight we are thinking either Cowboy Star or Dobsons. WE will probably go over to Coronado the last night.
                  Is one of the above places better for fresh seafood?



                  1. re: mattkizer

                    Cowboy Star for steaks and great food and drink.
                    Dobson's for the mussel bisque en croute, bottle of wine and a fresh fish special or the burger..
                    1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del has fab seafood and just taking the water taxi ( over and then cab it over to the Del is an experience all its own.
                    Oyster Bar at the Fish Market is really good for casual eats....sushi bar too..not the restaurant downstairs...upstairs Top of the Market is good and $$ or app's on the patio deck for shrimp cocktails and wine and watch the sunset.

                    Have a great time Matt and thanks for reporting back!

                    1. re: mattkizer

                      Coronado's best restaurant is Primavera. No view, just quality.

          2. Day 1: Hash House A-Go-Go for breakfast. The look on your partners face when they put the plate in front of them is worth the trip. Lunch at Blue Water and a early whiskey at the Aero Bar down the street. Dinner at Top of the Market. (ask for the seats by the chef).
            Day 2: Cuatro Milpas for breakfast, Huffmans BBQ for lunch, and The Fishery for din-din.
            Day 3: Harry's for Breakfast, Lorna's for lunch, and Sushi Ota for dinner.

            Top of the Market
            San DIego, CA, San DIego, CA

            Sushi Ota
            4529 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

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            1. re: ian langdon

              "The look on your partners face when they put the plate in front of them is worth the trip" - Once they eat the "food" they will also have an interesting look on their faces

              1. re: honkman

                Plus you get a free Rosemary bush for your herb garden...

              2. re: ian langdon

                Nobody should eat at Hash House. That place is one of the most overrated spots in San Diego, easily. The line that forms outside is really farcical - on par with the line at El Indio or Cheesecake Factory.

                1. re: Josh

                  Agree, save your time & money.

                  1. re: Josh

                    I disagree. It's worth experiencing at least once. The food I had was good, and I went on a weekday morning when there was no line nor wait for a table. That said, I'm not going to go out of my way to get back over there. I like Coffee Cup just fine.

                    Coffee Cup
                    1109 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037

                    1. re: Josh

                      Maybe we should ask Duncan Shephard why there are lines around the building?

                      1. re: ian langdon

                        Lines are never a sign of quality or do you think Cheesecake Factory is great

                        1. re: honkman

                          The Factory is a great place to take Mom. It is what it is. Hash House has an interesting menu. People I take there for their first time are amazed. Smiles.

                          1. re: ian langdon

                            I guess your mom likes different restaurants than mine. If I would go with her to CF she would be very unhappy and ask if she had done something wrong recently for this punishment

                            1. re: honkman

                              Was that you I saw outside of Super Sergio's with his mom? C'mon Hunkman. It is what it is.

                              Super Sergio's
                              4125 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

                              1. re: ian langdon

                                "It is what it is" - Agrred. Restaurants (Hash House and CF) for people not interested in the quality of their food.

                                1. re: ian langdon

                                  I just don't see why Hash House is something that should be experienced. The only noteworthy thing about their food is how much of it they put on the plates, and the inexplicable inedible garnishes of rosemary branches and fried, uncooked spaghetti.

                                  1. re: Josh

                                    "...fried, uncooked spaghetti."

                                    Sounds like a new dimension in the concept of 'al dente.'

                              2. re: ian langdon

                                Ah yes - the Hash House, bringing the best of Indiana cuisine to San Diego. Which reminds me - has anybody tried their pork tenderloin sandwich? They may very well have the best (only?) version of that in San Diego. :)

                                I took my parents there (who were visiting from Indiana) way back when, and they weren't very impressed. Then again, they were never big breakfast people.

                                1. re: RB Hound

                                  Is Hash House really terrible? Usually when I am visiting and in that neighborhood I go to Crest Cafe, but recently saw some kind of "baconrama" show on the food network and they highlighted the Hash House so I was slightly intrigued thinking about trying it when I am down there next weekend. But if it is gross, maybe not. Advice? We would be going on a Friday morning so as not to deal with the line around the building.

                                  1. re: jennyo

                                    Despite rumors on this board to the contrary, Hash House is NOT terrible.

                                    1. re: bizzwriter

                                      But there are many better options.

                                      1. re: honkman

                                        Breakfast: Hash House
                                        Lunch: CF
                                        Dinner: Ruth Chris
                                        ...........if you wanna' drive the chow's crazy.
                                        Always enjoyed Harry's in La Jolla for breakfast and the Pannikin for a cupa and The Prado is always the second end of the daily double after visiting the zoo.

                        2. If you are in La Jolla, one of the best "local" places for breakfast is the Coffee Cup 1109 Wall Street. Enjoy your stay!

                          Coffee Cup
                          1109 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037

                          1. If you want local vibe, look no further than whisk n ladle in la jolla, really nice local spot. Other neighborhood eateries that I like include, cafe chloe in east village, alexanders in north park, alchemy in south park, and buon apetito in little italy. I also highly recommend extraordinary deserts in either hillcrest or little italy. People on this board are split about this place as much as they are about hash house, but I encourage you to try it for yourselves.