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Mar 7, 2011 01:39 PM

Toronto Canada

This City is lumped in with a very large geographical area that would swallow up many, many States if it were in the USA.
Would there possibly be a way to give Toronto and what is known as The Greater Toronto Area it's own board?

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    1. Too many posts about Hearst and Sudbury cluttering up the board ?

      1. Actually, when posts about one particular city dominate a board covering several states/provinces, it makes sense to create a separate forum for that city. Doing so doesn't make all that much difference to the folks in that one city, but rather, makes life a whole lot easier for thoe folks who live in the rest of the area covered by the forum, so they don't have to wade through post after post after post about that one particular city.

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          Agree, as a Torontonian it doesn't bother me because I rarely come across any mentions of restaurants that aren't in Toronto. Maybe one in every few hundred posts. I suspect that those in other parts of Ontario probably wouldn't bother to participate in the forum once they see it is so Toronto-centric. Or maybe there are just not many chowhounds outside the big city?

        2. Incidentally, I think that Toronto is not the only Canadian city that should be split off into its own board. Montreal should be split from the rest of the Quebec board, and Vancouver from the rest of the BC board. For all the same reasons as Toronto (and all the U.S. cities that have already been split off into their own boards).

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            > Montreal should be split from the rest of the Quebec board

            I disagree in this case. There are maybe one or two non-Montreal posts a week at most on the QC board - such a board would be a wasteland.