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Mar 7, 2011 01:35 PM

Suggestions for Most Romantic Restaurant?

My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in a couple of weeks. To celebrate, we are treating ourselves to a weekend at the Waldorf. Looking forward to days at the art museums and evenings enjoying great meals. I would like to find a really romantic setting, with great food of course. He leans towards a prime steak house, I love Italian/Mediterranean food best. Those are our favorites, but the only thing off the list would be sushi. Price range I am looking for would be moderate to high end, but not extreme. (after seeing the posts about the $295 tasting menu!) Looking forward to your ideas!

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  1. It's neither steak, nor italian, but the most romantic place I've been to in Manhattan is probably Bouley - recommended to me by several lovely people here on chowhound! The food is french, the room is gorgeous, and the tasting menu is $125 for 5 courses (there is also a la carte options).

    However, others that know the city better than me will probably have other much more relevant suggestions!

    163 Duane St, New York, NY 10013

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      I just had a fabulous dinner at Bouley, and it is the most beautiful room. Service is very attentive. Bouley is the restaurant I would go to celebrate my 20th anninversary. Congratulations!

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        i think it's a perfect choice for all the reasons you mentioned.

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          Bouley does look like it fits the bill. What's the lead time on making a reservation? Maybe I should be calling today...

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            That's a great idea in order to reserve your preferred time if your celebration is in a couple of weeks.

        2. For romantic setting, there's very little that beats The River Cafe in Brooklyn - get a table around sundown, watch the sun set over the river and Southern Manhattan as you dine in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge - it's as classic NYC as it gets. It's a little pricey ($109 prix fixe currently, I think) and while it's not quite on the level of other restaurants in that same price range, it's very very good and you're paying, in part, for the spectacular ambience. I never - NEVER - pay for ambience. I'm all about the food - first, foremost, only. They're the one exception.

          Back in Manhattan, Bouley (as mentioned above) isn't a bad choice.

          But for Italian, I'd go with Del Posto - lovely room and service, and the $95 prix fixe is a relative deal compared to the prix fixes at many of the other four-star joints in town. Sadly the beef is a "for two" dish and carries a supplement, but if he's happy with lamb or pork for meaty options, those are both spectacular.