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Mar 7, 2011 01:18 PM

St. Patricks's Day in Chicago

Any suggestions for a fun spot for St. Patrick's day in Chicago? With good food? Lively atmosphere? Music? We'l be celebrating a couple of birthdays....Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. St Pat's is a MAJOR holiday in Chicago. Every place that serves alcohol will be packed by mid-day. It's hard to recommend places based on your statments, but I would check Metromix first to narrow down your request. If you then have questions, I am sure the crew would be glad to help.

    1. Do you mean on St. Patrick's Day itself, or the day they dye the river green? In my experience, just about every bar/restaurant/pub in Chicago with the slightest Celtic leanings, and many without, are just plain chaos on St. Patrick's Day. Many of them have lines out the door, remove all the tables and don't bother with waitstaff.

      I participated once, and it's not an experience I choose to repeat.

      If you actually want a place where you can sit at a table and eat a full meal, you will probably want to find a place that does reservations.

      1. Avoid Rush street downtown, as it tends to be crowded and obnoxious. Head to one of the many bars near Wrigley Field. Dozens to choose from.

        1. Fado, Chief O"Neils. Although there are several Irish named bars in Wrigleyville, only The Irish Oak would qualify as an Irish pub. There are many others to be sure. Do go early, 4-5 at the latest to get a table.

          Irish Oak
          3511 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657