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Saw a coming soon banner for Meltzer's on I-35 just past 183. In the old Antonio's location.

A google search came up empty. Anyone have scoop on what kind of place this will be?

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  1. They have a website that, according to the contact info is the same place:


    The stark white and black paint job is...interesting. Given the location I wonder if it is going to class it up a bit, or if it will be more like BW3.

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      Thanks, my search didn't catch that. Interesting they don't plan to accept credit cards, just cash and checks. Hope they change that!

      1. re: amykragan

        Yeah, not sure what is up with that. The website didn't look to professional and the menu was almost too large.

        We'll see what happens.

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          i thought the same thing!
          it's an odd mish-mash of dishes.

    2. That menu is all over the place so it's doubtful anything is interesting. Not taking cards is deal killer unless you are a trailer. I give them 6 months before they're on the RIP thread.

      1. Menu looks like a "before" on Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares

        1. I take walks past this place pretty frequently. I think the sign says April 1st is there opening date. I'm a bit confused by the menu as well. Why would you advertise to be a Classic European style deli & pub and include a menu item like, miso-teriyaki, but if we look at the location this restaurant seems to have to cater to locals and hotel guest. Which can be tricky considering the growing number to conventions and businesses in the area. O yeah, and are we also a tech city so maybe some of those visitor's are Asian. Whatever the reason for the expansive menu selection I'm sure the Pastrami will be decent and the beer selection vast. I'll probably mosey on over there once they open.

          O, and for those of us, like myself, who was not aware of the Meltzer name he has credentials. Check out this article I found http://www.wingzonefranchise.com/news.... Cheers ! Eat on!

          1. I know a bit about this restaurant as I know someone that works there. I am going to a soft opening this week so I will supply a bit more about it. The menu is actually really nice and upscale for a pub. They invested a lot in the restaurant from a $50K cooling system for the beer line refrigeration to keep the beer cold to the tap all the way to a 100ft cold box for all the perishables. The kitchen is staffed with experienced trained line cooks and chefs, so I believe the quality will be very good. Speaking of beer, I hear they have over 30 beers on tap from all over the world. I will post another note after my dinner this week.

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              Bumping the thread to see if anyone has been yet. Any thoughts?

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                Surprised no one has tried this place yet.

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                  We drive by it daily. The amount of cars in the lot makes me think they won't make it. The menu looks like a top ten of other chains. Unless there's a groupon, I'm passing.

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                    Sometimes responses like these almost make me feel like people enjoy the demise of local businesses. I'm not saying they're doing everything right, or that they aren't but why see them as already closed when they barely just opened? Also, do you drive by during meal times?

              2. I have been twice and here is what I have to report;

                There is a strange mixture of pub food and Jewish deli offerings. Most of what I had was good.
                The first time I was there, I had a lunch special of Filet Mignon with a substitution of fried cabbage instead of the french fries (I am trying to cut starchy foods) The Filet was cooked medium rare perfectly and was already cut. Everything was well seasoned, and hot.
                I was also pleased to find my favorite beer there (Live Oak Heffewiesen)

                The second time, I went with some coworkers and we all got the Reds Pastrami which is Grilled Kosher Pastrami,
                Grilled Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Dijon Ailoi,
                Pickles, Fried Eggs, And Fries In Grilled Sour
                Dough, Served With Fries
                It was good but with a little 1000 island dressing, it made it better. Though.... Kosher Pastrami AND cheddar cheese? Doesn't that make it not Kosher?

                Now... here are the problems I had;
                The place seemed cavernous. Concrete floors and tables set up in a strange configuration to where even though there was a bunch of space, you still ended up feeling the other customers were too close.
                Service was pretty slow on both days. One waiter was over solicitous to where it felt a little stifling, but then it took longer to get the check in the end.
                One thing that really irritated me was the charge for a substitution. The Filet (6 oz) with potatoes was 10 dollars. Perfectly fine. But when I asked for a sub on the fries to cabbage, I was told there would be a slight up charge. Also no problem. The charge? $3.50! We are talking about cabbage here. That food cost is lower than the potatoes! and the price is 33% higher?

                Another minor thing was the chef introducing himself as the "Executive Chef". It comes across as douchey to me.

                So... good food, but service, decor, and pricing issues.

                Maybe they just have new opening pains.

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                  reading the menu and watching their little video on the website made my head hurt.
                  there is just too much going on, in terms of food and decor.

                  and yes, the overuse of things like "executive chef" annoy me mightily.

                2. ive eaten there and the fish and chips i had was very good and they have a very nice beer selection.i agree the menu is l;arge but the food we had was good and will go back..They just opened so if they can survive the summer they will be ok.

                  1. the demise of restaurants located on feeder lanes of texas highways in the absence of other huge shopping center draws / access is predictable no matter the quality. Certainly upcharging three and a half bucks for cabbage versus fries isn't indicative of self awareness in this regard. too bad.

                    1. I had the chance to eat at this place last night and boy I am glad I did. The food was great! I had smothered pork chops, collard greens and mash potatoes. I have been looking for a southern place to eat. If you liked Dot's then you are going to LOVE Meltzer's.

                      The menu is very simple and affordable. The place is laid back and nice. There is TVs all around where you can watch different sports.

                      I also tried the drinks and yes you can taste the alcohol. It cost me $4 for a strawberry mango margarita. I will be visiting this place often. Just the southern cooking I have been looking for. I did not have to add any extra seasoning to my plate.

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                        Been there twice once with the prior owner and recently since the change. Both times the food was actually surprisingly good. It's almost a soul food place now. The chicken wings were good. They also seem to show UFC fights for free, can't beat that. I'd definitely give them a try for a full blown meal.

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                          Went back for a full meal and was really disappointed. Bad food and service. Granted it was on a fight night but you don't start a concert in a bar where most people are there to watch a sports event. My porkchop was tough, a burger at my table was overcooked and I was served a bloody fried chicken wing. They were very busy but service was slow. I got my own water at one point. I won't be back. Really wanted to like this place.

                      2. I think this is place is shut down. I'm sad to see anyone loose their livelyhood but damn my last trip there was horrible.