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Mar 7, 2011 11:49 AM

Hamilton Lunch?

Looking for a kid-friendly place for a quick lunch in the downtown area on Saturday, maybe somewhere close to Hamilton Place. Just about anything would work but was hoping for something a little different.

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  1. I just made this rec in another thread -- The Harbour Diner. I've never been, but it's gotten good reviews over the years and is on my list to try if I'm ever in the area:

    Harbour Diner
    488 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L1J1, CA

    1. The Earth to Table Bread Bar on Locke St. is kid friendly, as long as the kids like pizza

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        Both options are fine and have items that are "kid friendly" without having a kid's menu, however not close to Hamilton Place (unless you count a short drive "close").

        If the children involved are adventurous, I would also recommend Mex-I-Can on James St. North for Mexican street-style food, just prepare to take a little time for this. La Luna further up King St. (at Queen) is also a good option for Lebanese/Mediterranean food - kebabs and falafels are always a hit with my nieces.

        Jackson Square, across the street from Hamilton Place is pretty much a Chow dead zone, unless you want to endure the loud music, uncomfortable chairs, shoddy service and mediocre to crummy food of the Honest Lawyer to keep the kids occupied with their video games, bowling alley and basketball hoop...

        Honest Lawyer Restaurant
        141 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N5W5, CA

        La Luna Restaurant
        834 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R2J5, CA

        1. re: Mike from Hamilton

          I second Mex-I-Can for a family-friendly, delicious lunch within close distance to Hamilton Place. It's a close walk, through Jackson Square, or less than 2 mins. drive. Harbor diner is good, but can be busy and requires reservations on the weekend. Plus, its a bit of a hike to Hamilton Place.
          If your little one likes hot chocolate, Mex-I-Can's is wonderful, with mexican cinnamon sprinkled on top, and fun finger foods like nachos, the chips made in-house, are sure to please.
          You could also take a walk to the downtown Farmers' Market, and snack at various stalls. I recommend Latin Foods & Products, which makes tamales, tostadas, and sells neat soft drinks in the old school bottles.

          1. re: Mike from Hamilton

            There is a take out/food court La Luna upstairs in Jackson Square by the library if the walk up to Queen Street is to far or the weather is crappy. Five minutes for adults but if the kids are little it may seem like a hike. If you like Thai food Thai Memory at 25 King William is excellent. Just outside the east side doors in the mall and across the street. I also recommend Mex-I-Can which is on John. Just remember that the Food and Wine Festival is at Copps this weekend and the Farmers Market is open on Saturdays so parking may be limited. The market is fun but I avoid it on Saturdays since they moved back to the old (which is new) location. Everyone is complaining about how narrow the aisle are. You can barely move in the place which is less enjoyable. One other recommendation but requires a car (3 min from Hamilton Place) and only if you like hot food is the WASS Ethopian Food at 207 James Street South. Absolutely to die for!

            Thai Memory
            25 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R1A1, CA

            1. re: 02putt

              I second Thai Memory, great spot and the owner is a very nice gracious man.

              Thai Memory
              25 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R1A1, CA

              1. re: 02putt

                I correct myself..Disney is at Copps and the Food and Drink venue is at the Convention Centre across the street. Had to go downtown today. The traffic was crazy at 12:00 noon so I recommend you go down early to avoid the masses. If you are going to a sit down restaurant within walking distance I recommend reservations. On a side note when the show was over there were a lot of very happy children skipping down the sidewalk! Enjoy.

            2. re: bytepusher

              I tried this place on the weekend and fell in love with the bistro atmosphere and fantastic food. So much so I bought their book! Thanks for the rec.