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Mar 7, 2011 11:49 AM

Best Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs for Chicagoland

Which farms' produce (veggies or veggies + fruit) delivery did you use last summer? Please share your impressions of the quality of the produce.

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  1. For those looking for lists of CSA farmers in chicagoland try or I'm one of the farmers, so I'll leave the reviews to someone else!

    1. Peasants' Plot CSA rules! Their produce is organic and excellent, and they offer several different pick-up locations in Chicago. They even throw a party every year called the Low Down Hoe Down on the farm in Manteno. Check them out.

      1. My site, has a huge list of CSAs available in the Chicago area. In addition, we have an article with customer feedback on selecting the right CSA for you.