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Mar 7, 2011 11:36 AM

Dalls Food challenges?

Ive lived in Dallas my whole life and never seen a place that has a food challenge! Are their any places that have food challenges for free meal, shirts, name or picture on wall?

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    1. http://www.kennysburgerjoint.com/pres...

      Roosters in Denton has two persay
      One is the 18 Slider Challenge

      The other is the Hell Burger

      Beth Maries also in Denton on the Square has a very large sundae that I have seen 6 people share. Girl behind the counter one person tried to attempt it himself but could not finish

      I will have to think of some others.

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        1. Po Melvin's in Irving has a chicken fried steak plate challenge -

          1. Fred's Philly Cheesesteaks' Two Foot challenge.