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Mar 7, 2011 11:22 AM


Anyone know of any good mofongo places in nyc? I've heard mixed reviews of La Casa del Mofongo.

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  1. doing a little searching i find..only thing is these are a little older posts on u may need to do a little more searching

    Cuchifritos [East Harlem]
    168 E. 116th Street (between Third and Lexington avenues), Manhattan

    Casa Adela [East Village]
    66 Avenue C (between E. Fourth and Fifth streets), Manhattan

    1. valle de mofongo on 137

      1. La Cabana Rodriguez. I believe it's the Dominican version, not the Puerto Rican. You may want to call ahead and see if they're open before you go.

        La Cabana Rodriguez
        1062 Flatbush Ave., between Beverley and Cortelyou Rds., Brooklyn

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          Having just returned from La Cabana Rodriguez aka Rodriguez Fried Chicken, I can say with utmost confidence that the beef tripe stew is pretty damn good. Lots of earthy tasting tripe, some lean so to speak, some fatty, all in nice size strips and chunks. Put that in a tomato based liquid with a hint of vinegar and some potatoes and cilantro and you're good to go. Add lemon and hot sauce provided by your waitress and you're definitely set. My only gripe about the bowl of stewed tripe is the potatoes were a little bland tasting.

          La Cabana Rodriguez
          1062 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

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            Maybe I should read the title before I spout off. No mofongo. Just mondongo. And I don't recall seeing mofongo on the menu. Sorry about that.

            1. re: David11238

              Hahahaha. Well, I'm a fan of mondongo too so thanks for the info.

        2. Lechonera El Barrio at 103rd & 3rd in Manhattan serves a pretty good Puerto-Rican style mofongo. It isn't a fancy place by any stretch of the imagination, but the food is good and cheap...

          1. Cafe Rubio, Northern Blvd (98th St.??), Jackson Heights,
            They make an excellent dominican style mofongo with shrimp. Not your typical pork mofongo but it is really good. I would appreciate any other suggestions for good cheap mofongo in Queens.

            Casa Rubio
            98-05 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11368