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Mar 7, 2011 10:54 AM

Source for chocolate

I'm looking for a good quantity (10-20 lbs) of chocolate. Is PFI going to be the most reasonable buy, do you think? I'm using it for hand dipping so I need a good quality chocolate without too much extraneous stuff added ( wax or whatnot). Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Tops supermarket on 175th and Aurora Ave in Shoreline has a huge bulk foods department. Many many types of candy, baking supplies in bulk bins.
    You might also try the bulk foods dept at one of the Town and Country Markets or Central Market. They are likely to have a better quality selection than Tops. But prices will be higher overall.

    1. PFI has blocks of Callebaut and Guittard around $5 to $7 per pound IIRC. You might also consider this guy: http://www.chocolateman.com/ His prices and variety look good.

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        Thx for the suggestions. I had forgotten about chocolate man, his prices on Callebaut are much better than PFI, Guittard is about the same.

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          Chocolate man has much better prices than Chocosphere, too, although I don't know how shipping rates compare. But if you're buying a lot, you can order online and pick up your order in Lake Forest Park. (Not a retail outlet, just a courtesy for local customers.)

      2. you might also look into the factory store over at Theo Chocolate in Fremont. They sell broken bars in bulk