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Mar 7, 2011 10:51 AM

lunch in Scituate

I have to be in Scituate this week on personal biz; any suggestions for lunch? Looking for someplace casual but with decent food. Maybe a water view?

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  1. For two out your three requirements try the Mill Warf. Nice view and very relaxed.

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    1. re: T.Clark

      Thank you. Now let's skip the water view part and go for the decent food requirement. Any place that serves chowder in a 'bread bowl' is questionable to me.

      1. re: artgirl

        Bit of a black hole, especially this time of year but here you go.......

        Riva is a small restaurant on Front st. but I think it's dinner only. They have opened up a Pizza/Sandwich shop in North Scituate that looks adorable and promising.

        For simple food with an emphasis on fried seafood Satuit Tavern is fine.

        TKO' Mally's is a sports bar that actually has a view but it is what it is.

        Jamie's is a pub also in N. Scituate. Food is unremarkable. Decent burger

        For American Chinese there's China Gourmet located behind the best restaurant in Scituate, Oro (dinner only) I haven't been to CG myself but I have a feeling it's decent.

    2. Depending on where you are in Scituate, you might find it worth popping over to Cohasset for lunch at 5 South Main (right in the village). Cute, casual, very good sandwiches and salads, no real view but only steps from Cohasset Common. All meats roasted or grilled on the premises so the roasted turkey tastes just like you made it yourself. And great-looking desserts although having no sweet tooth I couldn't tell you if they taste as good as they look. Table service or takeout.

      1. Take the extra 10 minutes and drive to the Bridgewaye Inn. Technically in Marshfield, Humarock is 100 yards away over the bridge. Actually a part of Scituate.
        Great food. Good people.
        Good luck.