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Mar 7, 2011 10:41 AM

buying cases of wine at Costco vs BevMo or other sources

For a wedding in Sonoma this July we're starting to look for wine options. With an estimated 150+ people, we'd like to find a couple of nice wines at $10-12/bottle. Costco? BevMo? Kermit Lynch? Somewhere else? I know Costco has a good selection, but I've never bought a large quantity from any of these places to know which gives you the best value. Opinions & suggestions please?

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  1. Although it may be a bit early, you may want to visit Bevmo for their Second bottle for $.05.We always seem to find some nice bargains. If yo locate something you enjoy and the price is right, pick up enough for your needs. Store in a cool and dark place.

    1. If you can afford $10 a bottle, go to a privately owned wine store. All the wine stores in this area offer case discounts. That will let you choose wines that aren't mass produced to keep up with Costco or BevMo's requirements.

      I am partial to Weimax in Burlingame, which has tastings available and a great selection for a small store, but K&L would be great too.

      Weimax Wines
      1178 Broadway, Burlingame, CA

      1. After doing a lot of tasting and price shopping at various places, a friend of mine used Zonin proseco for their toast - $7 a bottle at Trader Joe's. They had 200 guests at their wedding. Since the bridesmaids assisted with invitations, favors, and all those tasks, the groomsmen were tasked with going to TJ's and buying the Zonin cases (paid for by the couple) and bringing them to the venue.

        We now buy it a half-case at a time for home use. Very pleasant, and very affordable.

        1. I've seen some wine shops offering up to 30% off on multiple case orders, but the deeper the discount on single-bottle prices, the less the case discount.

          1. Kermit Lynch would be a great place to start. They are knowledgeable, helpful and have a pretty good case discount.

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              I've enjoyed case discounts at Kermit Lynch. Also the folks at Vino on College Ave in Berkeley have given me large discounts on big purchases.

              Both places have given me great advice.