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Mar 7, 2011 10:37 AM

Bistrot Chabrot Des Amis [London]

Anyone been yet? Knightsbridge Green bistro given a glowing review by Jay Rayner whose opening was somewhat overshadowed by the Mad Hatter round the corner...

Going on Saturday so recommendations for menu choices welcome.

LOVE the idea of the cabbage stuffed with veal, foie and ceps that Rayner mentions!

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  1. Got a good review in Time Out recently as well. Expect it to be rammed.

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    1. re: greedygirl

      Had a splendid time there last night. And yes, it was rammed!

      Cute two floor bistro with tablecloths made out of red and white kitchen towels and the menu written on the mirror...somehow manages not to be Disney-does-France, maybe because the staff actually are French, more so because the food is GREAT, as is the xenophobic wine list.

      Garlicky snails to start; the rest of the table pronounced their bone marrow, oysters and chopped liver (which came with a giant cheesey choux bun, yum) all tres bien.

      Then I had cabbage stuffed with veal, foie and ceps - like something maman would make, if she were having an exceptional day...elsewhere a veal escalope looked good, and my son and brother shared a roast chicken stuffed with foie, which looked gorgeous.

      The dessert list is somewhat scant but we shared some chocolate cake and cheese, and my brother freaked the waiter out by asking for more bone marrow 'but eet eez un starter, now eet eez dessert, maybe some fromage???'

      The wine list is almost entirely French, understandably. We had a decent bottle of Picpoul and then a GREAT Pic St Loup from l'Herault.

      So, all in all, lovely place. Unpretentious bistro classics made with a sprinkling of soul. Seems really incongruous to have this slice of the Marais right by the Candy Brothers' folly. I hope they survive after the initial buzz.

      1. re: helen b

        And whoops, got the name wrong originally, it's Chabrot, Bistro d'Amis. And feels like it...

        1. re: helen b

          I imagine, given the neighbourhood, they'll do really well.

          1. re: greedygirl

            I went wih friends last night, and was very disappointed.

            The chipirons were no better than the calamari in many ordinary Italian restaurants, the vinaigrette with the asparagus was too vinegary. The red peppers in oil, a special, were good - but I could have done those at home. It's always good to see marow bone on a menu, but this was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of shallots.

            Chopped ducks liver had a strange texture for something supposed to be terrine and the gougere, though welcome and unusual in London, was too empty and not cheesy enough. The fruit tart was good, with excellent bscuity pastry but the baba gersois (with armagnac rather than rum) was a disaster, more like sponge cake than baba. I rmember fondly the divine baba I ate at Galvin's Bistro.

            A good glass of Ardeche then so-so Picpoul, recommended by the waiter.

            This was very mediocre French food. I would expect better in any cheap restaurant in rural France. Did I just hit a bad night?Was the chef off?