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Mar 7, 2011 09:39 AM

Repurposing subpar non-fat frozen yogurt

I was gifted two 1/2 pint containers of non-fat frozen yogurt (hazlenut and butter toffee pecan) a few weeks ago. The thing is, they don't taste all that good, and the mouthfeel of these products is no fun at all. Is there something I could do, with any sort of recipe or technique, to put these products to use, instead of just getting rid of them? Perhaps I could reduce them in a saucepan and make some sort of caramelized spread, or just turn it into a sweeter topping/sauce of sorts?

Thanks for any creative ideas!

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  1. They don't taste good and they have bad mouthfeel. I think the best thing you could do is throw them away, otherwise you could well be wasting your time and your money. They didn't cost you anything to this point.

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      That's so far the only choice I know of. It's hard for me to just throw things away, so that's why I was trying to find some sort of way to use their sweetness for another purpose. But, you may be right... I'll keep them in the freezer for another couple days until my imagination fails me and they get tossed!

      1. Perhaps adding something richer would help. Try softening the hazelnut one and then folding in some homemade whipped cream. Then do a sort of ice cream tiramisu with ladyfingers brushed with hazelnut liquor, maybe a drizzle of nutella, the frozen yogurt mix, etc. Maybe even some chopped hazelnuts! That may add enough richness and enough other textures to make it better?

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          My only concern would be the whipped cream, ladyfingers, hazelnut liquor, and nutella that could end up getting thrown away if it doesn't work. Now that's an expensive gift.

        2. Maybe use them in a smoothie where their flavor would be muted by fruit & other stuff.