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Mar 7, 2011 08:54 AM

McDonald's Breakfast Burritos

About three or four times a year I cannot resist stopping at McDonald's at breakfast for their No.8, Breakfast Burrito Combo.

Saturday I stopped at an airport adjacent location to get a fix. (been about four months) First thing I noticed--or seemed to notice, was the size of my two burritos appeared smaller than I recall from months ago. Second thing: the burritos "seemed" lighter in content.

Any other 'hounds notice this?

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  1. Was this the sausage burrito? I never had any other kind at McD's, but when they became part of the Dollar Menu they shrunk in size.

    1. They have definitely shrunk over the years. They are not always on the dollar menu and the 'salsa' is quite variable from location to location. The mix of sausage and cheese also is variable...