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Mar 7, 2011 08:37 AM

mariage freres tea

has anyone a current source for mariage freres in vancouver? i've just read about their easter tea and i'd love to track it down.

thank you!

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  1. Apparently Faubourg does: Not sure if they just serve it or if they sell tins.

    1. I *love* their Easter tea. Even if you have to order online, well worth the shipping costs.

      1. Have you tried the Urban Tea Merchant? I've bought it there before.

        1. thanks for the tips! faubourg does have, but not the easter tea. no longer at urban tea merchant or the cross. will keep trying!

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            I love Mariage Frères tea also... especially Wedding Imperial. Unfortunately Urban Tea switched to serving and selling Thé O Dor teas and no longer sell MF. It is a hard tea to source locally is available in NYC at Dean and Deluca and some places in California but super hard to find here. Keep me posted if you find a local source. I recommend Wedding Imperial and Marco Polo as well as Earl Grey Blue.

          2. well, i found it, but from an obscure online site. when i looked up the business online, it says it was a popular chicago tea house that has closed, but the order has been processed and we shall see what i receive!
            it was very reasonable, as the mariage freres are avail sans tins, for about half the price. $14 for 100g and $14 shipping to pt roberts. i got the the de paques, french breakfast and marco polo. i love the earl grey silver tips, but i love the granville island cream earl grey green these days, so no earl grey this time.
            the site is not well set up, but i found what i was looking for:
   if anyone is interested