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Any Interesting New Passover Products?

Has anyone seen any new interesting Passover products?

I saw Lieber's Kosher for Passover Almond Milk (Vanilla and unflavored varieties).

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  1. this is awesome!!! i had so many conflicting opinions last year regarding Blue Diamond - I'm so ready for pesach now!!!!

    1. This is a great topic. Living in Canada, but very close to the US border, it gives me the opportunity to search out products I hear about on these boards. Thanks to everyone for their tips and suggestions.

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      1. Mani has FINALLY taken my advice (I actually wrote to them!) and made a flavored version of their hot cereal. Instead of ugly boxes they come in cans with a picture of a wonderful looking bowl of what looks like brown sugar and cinnamon cream of wheat.

        It's the only thing we eat for breakfast on Pesach and now they have it pre-flavored.

        1. Dijon version of the Blanchard and Blanchard artificial mustard. We bought the yellow last year. Tasted like horseradish.

          1. Hope we can get the almond milk here! I have one kid who lives on almond milk.

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              there is a long list of OU approved almond milk in their passover guide and also on the crc website. http://www.crcweb.org/passover_2011%2...

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                This is only for people who eat kitniyot.

            2. at the shop rite in west orange I saw blanchard & blanchard louisiana hot sauce

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                One of my kids tried it and said it's nice and hot but has no taste. Personally I can't tell taste when my mouth is on fire, but he can and he was not impressed.

              2. That is fantastic!! I hope I can find it here...

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                    I'm in NYC, so I'm guessing I shouldn't have TOO much trouble...

                1. Where did you see the Almond Milk?

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                    it's in their catalog, luckily it's not the refrigerated kind so as soon as I see it i'm buying it!!

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                      I don't want to start too much contraversy, but I saw quinoa from Israel (I don't remember the brand) that had a Kosher for Passover designation from one supervisory agency and a Kosher during the year, but not for Passover hasgacha from a different Kosher agency on the same package.

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                        there are other similar products, where the haredi hechsher doesn't use certain products during pesach and can thus not certify the product......

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                      If anyone's looking for almond milk in NYC, I ran across some at the Associated at 99th and Amsterdam (the new one, with the huge kosher section).

                    3. at shop rite in west orange, nj they had a bunch of olive products by a company called liveo. http://www.liveo.co.il/Redirect.aspx. They had what looked like an interesting eggplant caviar with barnea olive oil and a sundried tomato spread with souri olive oil. These are olive oils refer to the type of olive. Be aware that the spreads both are kosher for passover for eaters of kitniyot-it says it in hebrew not in english

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                          These interesting (not the regular Haddar or Lieber variety) Pereg spices are OUP:

                          Turmeric, Hawaje, schwarma spice, and cumin.

                      1. Not totally on point, but I have had GREAT luck shopping for Passover from Peapod. Saves having to hunt for things. Just go online and magically the stuff gets delivered to your home! Worked great for me last year! Happy Pesach all!!

                        1. Osem soup croutons. Not sure if its new, but its very tasty.

                          1. Manischewitz has a Coconut Macaroon Pie shell which would make it really easy to put on some serious calories, or to make a nice dessert with half the work.

                            Galil has date syrup, which may not be new.

                            Fairway has sundried tomatoes and dried cranberries.

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                              Anyone seen the Leibers almond milk in Massachusetts? The standard almond milks all still have soy in them. The rest of the year, I drink rice milk..trying to find a substitute...I havent seen the Mani's hot cereal. I usually just use matzoh meal and cook it like cream of wheatand eat it with maple syrup. Is the Mani's cereal much different than doing that? Also Farfel makes great granola with raisins, nuts etc. Even better if you roast it coated with honey..One new thing i will try this year for a guilty pleasure is Marshmallow Creme for a Fluffernutter sandwich.. Is the stuff any good?

                            2. I don't know if it is new but Mother's was selling spreadable butter. I just love shmurah matzo and love to take a matzo and give it a shmear of butter and eat it with my coffee in the morning. Regular butter requires me to take it out a while before I have my breakfast or microwave it or just use tub margarine instead. This is an interesting compromise. It appears to be some kind of a butter/margarine combo but smells and tastes like butter.