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Mar 7, 2011 08:17 AM

Lou Dawg's Southern Brunch

I have been meaning to post about this for over a while now. Probably 2 months + now ago Lou Dawg's started serving brunch. I went on the first day they started serving and I was pleasantly surprised with the service/food/ and ambiance. On Sundays during brunch they have live music too. I was trying to take a picture of the menu and the waitress said I could just take it, so, I scanned a copy and attached it here (don't think it is on their website since someone else was asking about the menu when the last daily deal posting for this spot was up).

I took some pics of the food too, but, I need to find them!

I had the Dawg's Breakfast with the pulled pork added. Friend had some kind of wrap I think, but, I am not sure what item it was based on the menu now.... The eggs I had were perfectly poached. Hopefully the quality is still there, I would definitely go back if I was in the area looking for a spot on a Sat/Sunday.

Will update with pics if I find them!

Brunch is from 10am to 4pm Sat and Sunday, but, probably best to verify in case things have changed since I went or since this post...

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  1. We went 3 weeks ago with a coupon and thought it was okay to good but probably wouldn't return.

    It was about 12 pm and the place was empty except for a table of two that came in for eat in sandwiches. The service was pleasant and warm, the same as experienced previously when I've twice got take out. If anything the wait was unusually long.

    I had the Dawg's breakfast with fruit sub for potato and brisket upgrade. The breakfast was an assortment of tiny dishes of the breakfast components. The baked beans were tasty and the coleslaw better than previous times (not raw oniony). I found the warm brisket, dry and the sauce pretty unmemorable.

    The breakfast Loutine is huge. Our diner didn't eat again the rest of the day and enjoyed it.

    The pulled pork Benny was also deemed good by the third of my party. He likes all bennies.

    The plates are fairly large portioned and Ylsf is correct that their poached eggs are done properly.

    I didn't try dishes other than my own and I think we all had a good time.

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      It seems like this was overall a good experience, yet you say you likely wouldn't go back, just wondering why...

      1. re: JennaBean

        As I said, the food seemed to go over ok but nothing was great.

        Toronto has SO many good brunch places I'd rather go to.

        Plus, keep in mind it's in a basement so ambiance isn't the best.

    2. While I still stand by my brunch recommendation (thought it was good at the time, and a good choice for the area) I went there for dinner tonight and I wasn't terribly impressed. Having hit up a bunch of really good BBQ places lately around GTA, the various "meats" at Lou Dawgs tasted pretty horrible. They all tasted like they were cooked (and over cooked) in a slow cooker vs. real BBQing. I got the three meat sampler with two sides. Pulled Pork, Pulled chicken and Brisket and side order of coleslaw and potato salad. The two sides were good but I also ordered an order of fries and they were pretty bad (cold, not crisp). In general, everything seemed "cold" or cool. Nothing steaming hot. My friend had the chili and while I didn't try it, he said he prefered the chili from Tim Horton's so I think that isn't much of a compliment. I had a voucher so value wise it was decent but I won't be going back any time soon (curious about the smoked chicken wings but not curious enough to make me rush back). The service was pretty friendly but they seemed understaffed. Only 2 people serving for a very busy night (all tables taken).

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        IMO the wings and beans are quite good. The ribs are actually disgusting and you have already tried the crappy pulled stuff.

        It is shocking that they serve such nasty ribs!