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Mar 7, 2011 08:15 AM

Please help. What is a good substitute for kabocha squash?

I will be using it in asian style dishes.

Thanks in advance for your help

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  1. Acorn squash, butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato. What exactly is the application?

    1. In terms of flavor, sweet potato (or a very sweet pumpkin) comes closest. Butternut may also work. The acorn squash might be too mild and/or watery to sub for kabocha (which is quite sweet).

      I'm actually thinking of making a kabocha squash soup with coconut milk this week! I've got a kabocha in the garage, waiting to be used.

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      1. re: nofunlatte

        I have to get a small one; once had a kabocha chawan mushi and since the snow's just coming down, it could be time to replicate.

      2. l use butternut, Delicata, and Kabocha almost interchangably.

        1. I'd say a winter squash -- red kuri might be a good choice -- or sweet potato too. Maybe pumpkin if you can still find a "sweet" eating pumpkin in the Spring. But consider that kabocha is sorta unique in having more structure and a drier texture than the others will when cooked sufficient to be eaten. That's what makes kabocha so ideal for tempura, for example.

          Why did you want to make a sub?

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          1. re: rainey

            i agree w the red kuri suggestion, particularly if the thin skin will be eaten. backup would be buttercup. butternut would maybe work in a pinch and is most commonly available.

          2. Thank you all. LOL... I was panicked, but finally found it at the 11th store I called. A group of my on-line friends do a chopped basket challenge every few weeks. One of the items was Kabocha. I had a devil of a time finding it in western mass.