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Mar 7, 2011 07:45 AM

Lunch/Snacks In Paris

Ill be visiting paris next week and have made 3 dinner reservations.

Considering it may be too much to have two large meals, what are some recommended places for lunch/snacks (not too expensive if possible)

I have Breizh cafe on my list at the moment, but any other crepe/sandwich lunch places would be great.


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  1. Paris - and France - are not a snack-oriented culture.
    Would you consider non-French snack lunch?
    Urfa Dürüm on rue Fbg St Denis has wonderful sandwiches. They only start to make the bread after you order.
    For French eats, Dans les Landes has great tapas. You can order a couple of small plates, or a whole bunch of them.
    Try to go to your lunch at Dans Les Landes after the nearby nice place Monge morning market.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Thanks for all your help Parigi, youve been very helpful for my Paris food experience.

      Here is what were thinking, let me know what you think at the moment.

      Day1 : Briezh Cafe , Le Hide
      Day 2: Versailles (Unknown Meal) , Au Bougnat
      Day 3:Going to Louvre (Maybe taxi to La Reminet for Lunch) , Frenchie

      Thanks Again!

      And Im assuming that well be getting pastries etc for breakfast.


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        Then what are people getting at the ubitutious crepe stands, etc.? We had no trouble finding a variety of things to eat without sitting in a full-blown restaurant, not to worry!

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          Are any crepe stands open bright and early? Would love to go to one for breakfast before to trip to the louvre.

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            no - crepes are lunch and dinner only, so won't be open til mid-morning at best.

            Breakfast in Paris is pastries and coffee, and maybe juice. (but they're available from 6h30-7h00 onward...and I mean c'mon...croissants still warm from the oven?!)

          2. re: Liz K

            Sorriest, thought we were talking about good food. :-)
            Which reminds me: Le Reminet is a romantic little resto, but the food at Dans Les Landes is better -- if the idea is to have a light - or not so light - meal in the 5th.

            1. re: Parigi

              Most ideally, if there was something around the Louvre that would be great around that price. (Is it still around 16E per set lunch?)


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                Have you tried the food court inside the Louvre, in the Pyramide mall? A rotisserie chicken lunch from there would fit the budget.

          3. You could hit "L'Avant Comptoir" (9, Carrefour de l'Odéon, next to the Comptoir) for stand-up "tapas"

            1. We found the little sandwiches and pastries available at Gerard Mulot to be quite tasty. They box them up to go.

              1. In the center of Paris: I am addicted to the sandwich Grecque with a heap of French fries and lots of harissa from one of the vendors on r. St. Andre des Arts. Won ton noodle or chow fun at Mirama on r. St. Jacques. Eric Kayser has shops all over Paris for his savory tarts and sandwiches. Paul is easy to run into and not bad for a sit down "salon de the" style lunch and snack; much better than Angelina or less expensive and precious than Laduree. The savory offerings at G. Mulot is excellent though not inexpensive and there are a tiny 4 seat bar to enjoy them. Near the Louvre is Le Pain Quotidien in the very pleasant Pl. du Marche Saint Honore. Nice seating for their various tartines. There are good wine bars near the Louvre for a quick bite: Juveniles, Le Rubis or a short stroll past the Palais Royal to Willi's.

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                1. re: PBSF

                  Awesome info.

                  I have never been to a wine bar, do you simply sit and taste wine? While I'm sure the price range, how much would I expect to spend?


                  1. re: Jongunawan

                    Parisen wine bars are very informal. Wines are for drinking unless there is an actual tasting. Many feature lesser known wines and from small producers. At Juvenille, a glass starts around 2.5 to 3Euros. About the same for their other bar, Willi's. Even cheaper at neighborhood wine bars away from the center. Wine bars always have food to go with their wines; frequently simple, like plate of cheeses, charcuteries, rillettes, smoked fish, quiches. There might be a couple of hot plat du jour. The food at Juvinilles and Willi's is more ambitious, even foie gras; one can have a set lunch of a plat, a glass of wine and a dessert for around 13E. Noon lunch can be packed but show up around 11:30 or after the lunch rush, it will be peaceful and easy to chat. The bar is own by Tim Johnston, a Scot, therefore, language should not be a problem. It is one of the friendliest and unpretentious place in Paris.

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                    All good picks, esp Mirama, though not sure about those Greek sandwiches, quoique… some of them must be good. :-)
                    At Mirama, not many people order the excellent chow haw (same as chow fun but chow haw is the appélation on the menu) which we hav nicknamed Chinese lasagna. I have a slight preference for the beef and green pepper chow haw over the other chow haw.

                    The wine bars in Paris always offer simple good food.

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                      yeah...a Grecque is mostly to keep you from passing out...because that's all the better most of them manage to be.

                  3. Read a recommendation years ago to try the hot chocolate at Angelina, 226 rue de Rivoli, just up the street from the Louvre at an indulgence on a tight budget. When in Paris 5 years ago, friend and I did so. Also on memu, tartine sandwiches, salads, heavier entrees and the most unbelievable pastries in a very old world elegant setting. We enjoyed it so much, we went another day as well...