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Mar 7, 2011 06:57 AM

BEE - Best Enchiladas Ever

Just wondering what the throughts are on Monica Greene's new spot in Oak Cliff - BEE (Best Enchiladas Ever).

The concept: it's an "enchiladeria". think Chipotle, but enchiladas instead. You fill out an order card choosing your tortilla (corn, blue corn, flour, or wheat), the filling (various cheeses and meats), and the sauce. You walk in line and as they finish your order, you can top it with more crumbled cheese, onions, cilantra, peppers, lettuce, tomato, etc. The space is bright and modern. They serve beer and margaritas (frozen only).

Here's what I think.

1. It's too expensive. The enchiladas are bigger than average, but not huge. On my last visit, I had one enchilada, a small (tiny) portion of guacamole with chips, a bottled water, and a sugar cookie. $15. Dinner for 2, with two enchiladas each, a couple of sides, a couple of beers, is easily $30+. For a walk up, counter service place. If you order a cheese filling for your enchilada, they microwave it in front of you to warm it up.

2. The environmental waste is silly. Even if you eat in, you end up with a tray full of styrofoam. You can't even get a cup of tap or filtered water. They force you to BUY a bottled water if you don't want a soft drink or beer.

3. The food tastes good. The process can be a little frustrating if there is a crowd. It takes longer to hand make a custom enchilada than a taco. But, at the end, it does taste good. Monica knows what she is doing on that front. The avocado crema is especially tasty. My vegetarian friends have really enjoyed the veggie options, including a burrito with quinoa.

4. The staff is friendly and helpful. Monica has been on sight every time, walking around, working the line, getting things done. She is great.

All in all, we are happy to have BEE in the neighborhood. I just hope they work out some of the kinks.

2605 S I Hwy 35 E, Lewisville, TX 75067

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  1. I agree with dfwtexex, with this exception: I think the enchiladas are worth the money -- they are fresh, tasty, made-to-order, and substantial. It's the sides where you get gouged ($1.75 for a small order of rice? Same for beans? Come on, Monica . . . ). Still, a nice addition to the area.

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      I think their enchiladas are tasty and the concept is fun... but I think the place is overrated and the enchiladas aren't "best ever."