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Mar 7, 2011 06:52 AM

Is there any good local food at the Hawaii State Fair?

We will be in Honolulu during the fair and wondered whether or not we should check it out. Are there any local food booths to try? What is the fair like? Rides, animals, fried dough????

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  1. Which fair are you referring to? There is the "50th State Fair" Memorial Day weekend at the Aloha Stadium parking lot. Nothing to write home about or make a special trip for unless you like rides and bad concessions. In July is the Hawaii Farm Bureau Fair held at the Bishop Museum grounds. While parking is impossible and the crowds are huge you can get great food from many of the usual HFB market vendors.

    1. Malasadas, carnival rides, there will be food booths...Fair was better in my younger days at that was a long time ago......