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Mar 7, 2011 06:20 AM

Reunion dinner - Diablo Valley

I'm in charge of making a ( very casual ) dinner reservation for a group of 8-10 getting together before our HS reunion. Our base is the Pleasant Hill/Concord/Walnut Creek area. I've been living in Seattle for the past decade or so and have no idea what might be available. Please help. This group used to be pretty adventurous but I'm interested in hearing about any place you think might work. Thx!

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  1. I love Sichuan Fortune house in Pleasant Hill for sichuan food. The water boiled fish is great, and I've enjoyed other sichuan dishes I've ordered. I've only been there on my own at lunch, but it seems like the ideal place for a group of 8-10. You can try quite a bit of the menu if you share, and it always looked like they also make more familiar American Chinese dishes well, if that is what some in the goup prefer.

    1. A friend suggests Mary's Pizza Kitchen. Has anyone been there?

      1. Mary's Pizza is only good for kids. We like Modern China Cafe on Main Street very much for a party that size. It is relatively good, quiet, and refined.

        Modern China Cafe
        1525 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

        1. If you like Pho, try Kevin's Noodle House (aka Pho Huyhn Hiep 5) in Concord. 1833 Willow Pass Rd. Concord, CA 94520

          If you like Korean, there's Korea House (which is right next door to Kevins)... good food and they're not stingy with the banchan.

          If you don't mind loud chain restaurants, there's BJ's Restaurant and Brewery @Sun Valley mall.

          Noodle House
          1305 Gateway Blvd Ste E7, Fairfield, CA 94533