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Mar 7, 2011 05:21 AM

Where to eat post Flower Show

We are heading to the Flower Show Saturday afternoon into the evening and would like to have dinner after the show. We'd like to find something non trendy (my mother in law is 76 years old), but with good food and wine. Suggestions?

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  1. You will find all sorts of fabulous food across the street at Reading Terminal Market. It's an experience in itself!

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      Given you know what your parent would enjoy; it is nice to see you looking out for her. In this area price range & walk or cab could be a factor as mentioned by Bucket. If walking The Ritz offers a good range of menu items. SYL suggestions seem right on to me. Bliss is a block south of the Ritz, small with a nice but limited menu. There is a row of steak houses heading south on Broad and of course the Four Seasons is always a classy alternative, a short cab ride. Reservations are suggested.

    2. The RTM won't be open for dinner Sat. night. I never understand why people always ask for "non-trendy" places when older folks are involved. My parents are in their 70s and are very adventurous eaters, way more than many people I know in their 30s.

      Anyway, if you want something walking distance from the convention center, the only real option is Chinatown (I'd go to Vietnam on 11th or Rangoon on 9th), but that doesn't sound like what you are looking for. If you are willing to drive, the whole city opens up to you. I'd head over to Osteria, for good food and wine with relatively easy parking.

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        seconding rangoon and vietnam! something tells me all the trendier places are gonna be super-packed this week with the flower show. never a crowd at rangoon - always a satisfying meal. i dunno about "good" wine, but it's a passable list. the food will be the highlight of that meal. i always suggest going heavy on the appetizers there, they are to die for. sometimes we just make a tapas-style meal out of apps and salads. and don't skip dessert. :)

      2. Do you want to walk or drive? What's your price range?

        1. Just a couple of squares from the Convention Center are some good choices.
          Capital Grille, at Broad and Chestnut, would be three blocks away. It has lovely ambience and a varied menu. If you happen to get there before 6pm, there is a great 39$ prix-fixe menu which includes steak, lamb chops, poultry and salmon. Good drinks, too.
          It is very popular; book now if you hope to have any chance of getting in.

          McCormick and Schmicks is a good fish/seafood restaurant right across from City Hall, two blocks away. Also very popular, book now.

          These are both part of large chains with locales in other cities. However, we have found that with top quality food and good management, a restaurant that is part of a chain can be just as good as other choices.