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Mar 7, 2011 04:26 AM

Hands Down Best Food-Favor You Have Ever Received at an Event?

Hey 'Hounds :)

I'm planning my son's First Holy Communion reception here in NYC and want to give my guests some sort of food-related favor as they leave. I've been to many events and have enjoyed bags of zeppole, bagels, lox and the NY Times, bottles of arisinal olive oil, champagne, cookies from Levain and iced bottles of Ronnybrook milk, truffles, etc.

Have you ever received a unique food favor that really impressed you?

Many Thanks,

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  1. D'Artagnan French Kisses, foie gras in agen prunes were pretty special when l received them

    1. The bagels and lox with the Sunday times was pretty amazing although no way I could read that font in that state of mind. I also had Hot pretzles, fresh made waffles and a huge assortment of candy with take out chinese containers to fill.

      1. I've never received them as a favor, but I would love to receive and give Kee's macarons as a gift. The light-colored macarons are also suggestive of communion wafers, which might make them a very appropriate favor.

        1. Jeez, I'm so jealous. I want to run with your crowd. The only food related favors I ever received were bad local wine and bad home made chocolates.

          1. Krispy Kreme donuts are always a big hit...they can pre-pack them in 2-packs. Will there be kids there? Have also been to a party with a Mr. Softee truck waiting outside as we left---so fun, but tough if it's a lot of (impatient!) people leaving simultaneously.