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Mar 6, 2011 08:54 PM

Les Deux Canailles, Nice

I have frequently recommended Millesime 82 in Nice. It has been sold and reopened as Les Deux Canailles by two former young employes of Keisuke Matsushima, the same background as the team at Flaveur, which just was awarded a Michelin star. It sounds promising. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. I haven't but loved my last meal at Flaveur. Sounds most tempting.

    1. As a former restaurant critic I was delighted after hearing many rave reviews to finally eat lunch at this 4 month old restaurant today. My husband and I had the menu for 25 euros, choosing one of each of the courses so we could taste the entire weeks offering. Each course was given thought to the fact that it is summer and quite warm and even with the coolness of the a/c, there is a need for food that is both appealing, fresh tasting and has eye appeal. The chef hits the mark on every point. The chef is Japanese and his presentations and style of preparation not only show this, but his having worked with Keisuke Matsushima at his one star restaurant ("Kei's Passion") for several years is evident. We found his food not only much tastier, but more filling. The menu changes every week and we are eager to return. Service was excellent and although there is not a huge wine list the choices were good and there were a few bottles for 25 euros, which is hard to find at most restaurants these days. It would be nice if they offered wine by the glass but it was not indicated. Their menu at dinner is 35 euros and we plan to try that as the offerings looked very interesting. The mention of Flaveur makes me mention that the food we found much better tasting here, more creative, and the atmosphere infinitely better. Flaveur is good but was not compelling enough to go back there. There are too many other good restaurants to eat at, and especially new ones to try.

      written by Mimi, Nice on July 26, 2011 at 18:16