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Mar 6, 2011 07:08 PM

I think I saw a Halal Truck in Levittown

I was driving by on Hempstead Turnpike last night around 11pm (i guess a little too fast) and in front of MJM shoes and Panera Bread, what appeared to look like a hot dog truck at first I could have sworn had multiple signs saying "Halal". Does anybody know anything about this? Is it there every saturday night?

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  1. i saw it there last night & as i drove past it, i said oh oh someone wrote about this in chow! man oh man i might need a hobby :)

    anyway, it was there on hempstead turnpike, but on the other side of the block from where you mentioned, closer to the highway. this was probably around 630 give or take.

    hope this is helpful