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What do you eat when dining at Whole Foods?

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What's good seems to vary a lot by location. In North Carolina we get fresh fruit and bbq.

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  1. I only buy things I will prepare myself. I have only bought a pizza slice once because I was hungry. It was OK.

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      The freshly made sushi is really quite decent, and they'll custom-make a roll to order. I love the fresh wasabi (ok, it's not really wasabi, but it's not reconstituted from powder), and the ginger is not full of chemical preservative or coloring.

    2. It does vary from location to location,but one thing i got recently which was excellent in their sushi area: rice bowl with eel, egg, edamame and veggies. It was excellent.
      Some locations have great roasted teriyaki chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potato/root veggies. Kale/seaweed salad. One location I used to go to had great breakfast item of poached egg over spinach on an english muffin. The spinach had a nice lemony flavor. Yum.

      That said, you can't count on these things being at all locations, and if so, sometimes they aren't cooked as well as others. If only we could know when the chefs who cook with care are turning out the good stuff! :-)

        1. The hot food bar is hit-or-miss. I do like their vegetarian Indian dishes, particularly with marsala. I find the Mexican food to be pretty bland. Their pizza, thin and greasy, hits the spot.

          1. I've had mixed results eating at Whole Foods. But I think if you are eating carb laden foods, you might do better. I have eaten and like the whole smoked chicken.

            1. Generally speaking, I find WF prepared foods to look a lot better than they taste. A lot of them use way too much oil IMHO.

              I get something to eat there almost every time I go. Probably 90% of the time, this is a box of their prepared sushi - usually salmon and avocado. The problem is, when I get it out of the case, I can tell that it has usually been there too long (the rice is the giveaway). They aren't as nice about preparing to order as they used to be. When I have time, I scour the case for something I like that isn't there and request that... or if I see them making sushi behind the counter, I wait until they put it in the case, then I come along after and buy something that was just put there - no matter what it is -- or just ask them to hand me one of what they are making.

              1. Unfortunately, if I eat something there, it is usually an indulgent slice of pizza. That stuff must be 1000 calories a slice, at least, if not more. At least at my store the slices are huge and are super greasy.

                I am not attracted to their hot bar at all. Once or twice I have gotten salad fixings there to take to work, but it is expensive for stuff like chickpeas, which are heavy. But the quality was fine. I always stay away from things like macaroni salad and other prepared foods... it doesn't matter where I am.

                1. I've eaten a kale dish from one of the food bars that was quite decent. But the fried chicken I got in NM was not good at all. It is hard to find food at WF if you are not eating carbs. I've mentioned the whole smoked chickens before--the only whole cooked chicken I'll buy. I noticed yesterday that you can buy "single serve": pieces of various cheeses. I bought a raw milk Emmental that I enjoyed. The single servings look to be about 2 1/2 to 3 oz. each. I might be estimating these on the small side, though.

                  At any rate, you could easily add one of these to your lunch or dinner. I regard it as a good way to try different cheeses myself, without tempting Mr. Sueatmo who isn't supposed to be eating full fat cheese.

                  I accidentally left the last 2 oz of a very nice buttery tasting Irish cheese out on the cutting board, and he grabbed it up and ate it. I didn't tell him it was full fat cheese, but I asked him how he liked it. "Cheese is cheese" he said!

                  1. The prepared sesame tofu logs on the salad bar are actually pretty great, albeit expensive.

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                      When we travel, we usually stop by a WF. We grab the whole BBQ chicken and the large size clam chowder to share. Their soups are usually very good. Same with the bbq chicken - we tried the lime cilantro chicken and it was very good.

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                        The last time I hit the WF salad bar, there were four different tofu concoctions available. I tried the cajun one (or whatever it was called) and it was good.

                      2. I usually just get snacks there. The pizza is pretty good. I like their scones. The local gulf shrimp and cocktail sauce is awesome!