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Mar 6, 2011 06:32 PM

What do you eat when dining at Whole Foods?

What's good seems to vary a lot by location. In North Carolina we get fresh fruit and bbq.

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  1. I only buy things I will prepare myself. I have only bought a pizza slice once because I was hungry. It was OK.

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      The freshly made sushi is really quite decent, and they'll custom-make a roll to order. I love the fresh wasabi (ok, it's not really wasabi, but it's not reconstituted from powder), and the ginger is not full of chemical preservative or coloring.

    2. It does vary from location to location,but one thing i got recently which was excellent in their sushi area: rice bowl with eel, egg, edamame and veggies. It was excellent.
      Some locations have great roasted teriyaki chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potato/root veggies. Kale/seaweed salad. One location I used to go to had great breakfast item of poached egg over spinach on an english muffin. The spinach had a nice lemony flavor. Yum.

      That said, you can't count on these things being at all locations, and if so, sometimes they aren't cooked as well as others. If only we could know when the chefs who cook with care are turning out the good stuff! :-)

        1. The hot food bar is hit-or-miss. I do like their vegetarian Indian dishes, particularly with marsala. I find the Mexican food to be pretty bland. Their pizza, thin and greasy, hits the spot.

          1. I've had mixed results eating at Whole Foods. But I think if you are eating carb laden foods, you might do better. I have eaten and like the whole smoked chicken.