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Mar 6, 2011 05:39 PM

Great Korean Restaurant in H Mart Food Court in Great Neck

My favorite Korean restaurant in the Tristate area is the one in the brand new shopping mall opposite H Mart in Great Neck (495 Great Neck Rd). It's a shiny commercial food court (the sole vendor therein, though they're split into a Korean/Chinese counter and a Korean counter....same people, same kitchen).

I've eaten there a dozen times, and everything I've had there has been ace. The Hey-mul Pajun, unlike those in Manhattan, are prepared freshly to order and good enough to inspire tears.

Understand that this is fairly frosty, correct Korean cooking. Not a personal vision or personal touch. Just classic renditions of classic recipes done (really) right with good ingredients. And there's (shopping mall food court-type) seating, but no table service. Panchan is merely servicable (though one time I got potatoes!!!).

Prices are great. And best of all, you can shop in H Mart afterwards.

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  1. Wow, thanks. I am going to visit this place next time I visit my mother in law in Great Neck.
    What else is good there?

    1. It took forever for that food court to open. I have been there a few times but not in a couple of months. I love dumplings and they have some solid ones at the Korean vendor. Nothing else I tried seemed outstanding or worthy of a second shot but I will give the Pajun a chance. Korean is not a big love of mine so maybe it is just me. Pretty sterile environment, very cold feeling. I always feel like people are looking at me and thinking "what is he doing here? To their credit though, I have always been treated respectfully. Thanks for the reminder about the place.

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        Thanks for the report! The sterile environment and sense of alienation (both of which are true), plus your non-fondness for the cuisine may be coloring things for you. Also, it's the sort of place where nothing hits you over the head with its outstandingness. As I say, it's just really good straight-down-the-middle Korean cooking. If you're looking for "something more", or a new slant, or something to strike you, this won't do that. This is a place for people who know/like Korean, and who want it done really skillfully.

        The dumplings (mandoo) I found much better than "solid". Have a look at the photos! :)

        1. re: Jim Leff

          This is awesome Jim, thanks! I'm stuck in Westbury waiting for reno on my house in Bklyn to be completed. We're always searching for something to relieve the doldrums and real Korean food would certainly fit the bill.

          I'm sorry to ask, but I'm loathe to call H-Mart and can't get a sense of things from their website. Is this restaurant actually IN the H-Mart food court, is it affiliated and across the street, or just across the street? We're actually closer to the Williston Park H-Mart and I was wondering if they had the same sort of thing.

          1. re: noisejoke

            The H Mart is a separate building and the food court is on the second floor of another building with a parking lot in between the buildings, same side of the street. It is on Bayview Ave just north of the intersection with Northern Blvd. Check it out on Google Earth. I ate there yesterday,deciding to continue to explore the menu. Dumplings were very good. I tried the hey mul pajun, listed on the menu as seafood pancake. To the unfamiliar, people like me, think a giant scallion pancake with baby shrimp and squid. It was huge, the diameter of a frisbee and about a half inch high. Pretty good, but then I have almost never had a scallion pancake I didn't like. I will still have to try the short ribs. Portions are huge. The best thing I ate was the free sample of bugoli I had while shopping at H Mart.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Thanks! I'm a Korean food partisan. Sounds like a necessary trip, tonight if I'm lucky.

              1. re: noisejoke

                Check the hours before you leave, I don't think they are open very late, enjoy.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  Thanks. H-Mart says 10pm. You think the food court closes earlier?

                  1. re: noisejoke

                    When I was there in September, the place stayed open until 9 p.m.